A large number of flights have been cancelled! How long can Shenzhen sellers last?


The bus and subway were stopped and the community was closed for management. Overnight, Shenzhen pressed the "pause button".

An old Amazon seller told Hugo that at the moment of the announcement, it seemed to go back to the time when the epidemic just broke out two years ago. It is understood that many cross-border sellers hurried to the company to put away computers and other office supplies, and then rushed home to open the home office mode.

"People in Shenzhen send goods out of the city overnight. They are looking for seven or eight meter trucks all night. They are looking for freight forwarders, logistics, express delivery, borrowing cars and renting cars. They can't call all kinds of goods. Some drivers are unwilling to leave Shenzhen, and some are willing to take two or three thousand trips. The supplier also supported a car in the middle of the night. It's really not easy. It's not people but goods that seal the city in Shenzhen."

If the epidemic in the past few weeks is a small fight, then this epidemic will be a difficult event and a difficult process for sellers.

The freight forwarder suspends receipt and delivery! Large area flight cancellation

Last night's sellers in Shenzhen were the busiest workers. They had to be busy queuing up for nucleic acid and rush to the company to move computers and work at home. The first reaction of many sellers is: out of stock warning! Logistics companies also need home isolation. How to solve the delivery problem?

Many sellers ask freight forwarders in major communities whether they can receive and deliver goods normally in Shenzhen and what solutions are available, because this is about the promotion and preparation of prime day this year.

A seller told Hugo bacteria that they had reported this year's prime day. Because it was difficult to find a cabinet and the logistics was blocked, they planned to make preparations early this year and negotiate the delivery time with the factory's supply side. Unexpectedly, in the event of epidemic control, it is difficult to deliver goods now, and even a linked product will be out of stock. The seller asked some freight forwarders and said that the epidemic prevention and control requirements. At present, most freight forwarders can only receive goods and cannot send them.

There are more than one seller with such difficulties. Many sellers said that it is not certain when Shenzhen will resume the closure. Although it can carry out account basic operation at home, it is difficult to prepare goods and ship goods.

The epidemic situation in Shenzhen and Shanghai is severe, and the logistics has been deeply affected. Not only is it difficult to determine the delivery time, but also some logistics company personnel are facing shutdown and unable to pack containers normally. According to the data of frequent flight, as of 10:35 a.m. on March 14, more than 80% of outbound flights at Shenzhen Bao'an airport had been cancelled; More than 50% of outbound flights at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport were cancelled.

A large number of freight forwarders in Shenzhen also issued notices. Because of the epidemic control, the park implements closed management, does not receive goods in the warehouse, does not load goods out of the warehouse, and all staff work at home. Some freight forwarders have warehouses in other cities and will notify customers in need to arrange goods to Guangzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, Chengdu, Xiamen and other places.

According to some freight forwarders, South China Logistics Park and Longhua warehouse are still receiving shipments normally, but they can't send them normally at present. If necessary, they can register first and send them as soon as the epidemic control is over.

Of course, many freight forwarders not only start to deliver goods overnight before working at home in the whole city, but even offer big discounts to sellers in terms of price: some freight forwarders offer discounts for the first order, and even some freight forwarders offer free first order.

Although the freight forwarder is unable to pack and ship goods at present, the terminals of Yantian and Shekou port areas have issued announcements, saying that at present, all operations in the port area and the surrounding trailer business are operating normally. After the epidemic control is over, a large number of goods may rush out of the port.

In addition, according to the Shenzhen freight forwarder, the freight status under the closure of Shenzhen epidemic is as follows:

About express delivery: due to the very serious epidemic situation in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the timeliness of official DHL and freight forwarder has been seriously affected. Just after consulting the official DHL, the goods will still be transshipped through Hong Kong. At present, the timeliness of getting on the plane from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is about 2 weeks or more, and the timeliness cannot be guaranteed. Please inform the guest in advance.

About Masson and bulk cargo in warehouses: due to the closure of Shenzhen, major warehouses issued a notice to suspend the receipt of goods this morning. Masson is not sure whether it will receive goods normally this week.

About the whole container: Yantian port is currently in normal operation. As long as there is a shipping date, the container goods can still be loaded. For details, we have to wait for notice to load the container.

In the short term, the pressure of cash flow is great, and it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises

Some industry insiders said that in the first two years of the epidemic, due to the rapid recovery of China's manufacturing industry and the time difference between the slow recovery of overseas supply chains, there were epidemic dividends in China's cross-border e-commerce. However, with the recurrence of the domestic epidemic and local geographical instability, many small and medium-sized enterprises may die prematurely in the shock of 2022.

"With the Shenzhen epidemic and unemployment being laid off, coffee is not as bitter as I am now." This is a ridicule of Amazon's helpless operation. According to him, the company has been breathing for a living since 2022. Originally, it was an unpopular product with weak profits. The epidemic has made the company very short of cash flow and will lay off staff recently. In other words, the most difficult short-term cash flow pressure for sellers at present.

"To speed up sales, replenish goods quickly, maintain profits, stabilize cash flow, and never be forced to make low prices in the market is the right posture for 2022 to be a cross-border e-commerce." A cross-border seller said to Hugo. Click to view the development trend of cross-border e-commerce in 2022

According to the data from Hugo's cross-border 2022 annual report, the official account replied to the 2022 trend to download the full version. 51% of the independent sellers in 2021 faced the problem of insufficient cash flow, especially the new sellers, the problem of cash flow shortage was more prominent, the biggest reason was the surge in the cost of operation. In order to improve sales, some enterprises have reduced prices or even sold at a loss, exacerbating the pressure of market competition.

According to the analysis of an industry insider, there are not many enterprises that have laid off workers because of cash flow problems. Rent costs and personnel expenses need to be solved through cash or profits on the book. No matter which Seller is, it is bound to face this problem. Cash flow is the key to the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2022. "Strictly control the speed of burning money. This year's economic environment will be very difficult, including financing."

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