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Now Amazon sellers are too difficult. The profit space of old products is squeezed, there is almost no natural flow of new products, and the cost of getting customers is high. If clearing inventory has always been an inevitable problem for Amazon operators, it is estimated that more Amazon operators will face this problem this year.

When our price is already very low, but we still can't sell it?

Or for products that are not in the new season, the advertising cost remains high, no advertising, no orders, and more losses for several orders, so that when you face the problem of clearing goods, what will you do?

Basic logic of clearing:

Formulate multiple schemes and try one scheme after another from the beginning of low cost and easy operation; There is no guarantee that any method will be effective. Try more and strive for the best result;

Before determining the clearing plan, we need to know the following points:

1. When the sales volume of a listing is poor for a long time and the ranking is low, there may be no response or little response to many operation actions;

2. Amazon's traffic in the past two years has decreased compared with that in 2020, but the sellers have increased a lot. There are more traffic monks and less meat, and the low price may not be able to be cleared out;

3. Since 2021, Amazon has almost no traffic support for new products, and the cost of obtaining customers is high. The cost of cultivating new listing is higher than that in previous years, and the effect is worse than that in previous years;

4. For the products entering the inventory process, the best result is the success of listing, from loss to flat cost to gradual profit;

5. The worst result is that we can't sell even if we lose a few dollars, a small amount of warehouse transfer and bid change can't be pushed again, and there is a pile of inventory, which can only be cleared at ultra-low prices or even abandoned;

Scheme 1: revitalize the existing listing

1.Comprehensively optimize listing: title, search term, 5 points, pictures and videos;

2. Reduce the price to a competitive price;

3. An advertising budget of about $30-50 per day, run for about 10 days to test the effect, observe the effect every day, and timely adjust the budget allocation and positioning: advertising 1: automatic advertising only runs accurate matching and similar products; Advertisement 2: manual advertisements only run phrase matching and accurate matching; Advertisement 3: asin's advertising benchmarking performance price ratio is lower than that of our products; The bidding strategy is to reduce only; Bidding is equal to or slightly higher than bidding; It is suggested to give up the words with particularly high bidding price or pick up the leakage at a low price;

4. Issue 20% - 30% coupons;

5. Activate listing in large quantities: add social media promotion codes and coupons to give about 60% off discount

5-1.  Large volume is basically free. Amazon social media is internal to Amazon and free of charge. If you participate in second kill or 7-day promotion, you will ask for money and the effect cannot be guaranteed. In terms of the ranking of goods that need to be cleared, the probability is of little effect;

5-2.  The effect of Amazon social media is not easy to estimate. According to the existing experience, if there is no popular promotion, there may be none, or dozens of orders in an hour. There are products that have tried to use 60% off to clear goods and have not issued orders for a month. Dozens of orders have been issued in an hour. This activity can not limit the number of products participating in the activity, but can only limit the purchase of one at each settlement, and the activity can be ended at any time; Therefore, it is not the inventory ready to be dumped. It is recommended to set a target budget in the coupon with a 30% social celebrity discount + 30% coupons. In this way, when the coupon budget runs out, there will be only 30% social media promotion codes left, which will not lead to malicious short selling of inventory;

Estimated costs:

1.Advertising fee of 30-50 dollars per day * 10 = 300-500 dollars

2. The inventory value of large-scale delivery. If the activity is effective, 100 pieces will be delivered?

The logic of listing activation scheme is:

1.Comprehensively optimize listing to enable Amazon system to retest listing;

2. Accurate advertising traffic + coupon traffic, and low price + high-quality listing can be transformed;

3. Activate listing in large quantities;

Test for 10 days. If there is no effect at all, consider cultivating a new listing;

If the sales volume starts to improve, continue to cultivate the listing, and the operation goal is from less loss to flat cost, to micro profit, until the inventory is cleared;

Scheme 2: move the warehouse and change the standard, and cultivate new listing

If scheme 1 is ineffective, that is, no matter what we do, there is no response at all. Arrange to move the warehouse and change the standard of each style and deliver it to the new listing. The recommended quantity is about 50, not all of them, except for the inventory that is about to receive long-term storage fees;

Estimated cost of moving warehouse and changing object:

Amazon removed inventory: US $0.50/piece;

Overseas warehouse receiving, bid changing and packing: about $2;

Amazon logistics pick-up: 0.5-1 USD / piece (standard product)

Roughly calculated at $3 a piece;

3 styles * 100 pieces * 3 US dollars / piece = 900 US dollars

Repeat the operation actions of revitalizing listing: low price, advertising and coupons

Scheme 3: let service providers renovate listing

The logic is the same as that of moving warehouse and changing standard. Build a new listing and push it again. The cost is about 500-800 yuan

Bad places:

1.There is no review;

2. There are potential risks to the account, but I haven't heard of anyone who has been closed because of the renovation of listing;

Compared with moving the warehouse and changing the standard, if the environment in the previous 1-2 years is relatively loose, I suggest we can consider renovating the listing. The environment in the past two years is not good, and Amazon always closes the store, so it is recommended not to operate;

Scheme 4: large discount and loss rejection

Listing is ineffective or the effect is too poor, and you don't want to move the warehouse and change the standard to rebuild, or a small number of tests have no effect;

At this stage, we need to understand several points: the storage fee in peak season is about three times that in normal times, but the flow is relatively high. If there is too much inventory, the storage fee is also a sum of money; It's not cost-effective to clear it before this. What if it can be cleared at a low price in the peak season?

1.For coupons with large discounts, such as 50% and 60%, if customers use coupons, they will charge a service fee of US $0.6;

2. Open 55% - 70% of Amazon's social media sales, which is more effective than Amazon's outlet deals. Open it for 3-5 days each time, and then open it again after the end;

Until there is only a small amount of inventory, suspend the promotion and keep it to sell slowly to see if the sales volume will be better when there is a lot of traffic in the peak season;

Scheme 5: Abandonment

All the above schemes have been tried, but they are still invalid. Discard the goods before collecting the long-term storage fee;

Using Amazon's inventory clearing function launched this year, select Amazon logistics batch inventory clearing plan when removing inventory

Compared with direct discarding: direct discarding requires a charge, and the charge for standard parts is between us $0.25-0.35/piece;

If Amazon logistics batch clearing plan is selected, the third-party wholesale clearing person will pay about 5% to 10% of the average selling price.

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