What should I do when I encounter bad reviews in the operation of Amazon stores?


Whether it is a cross-border e-commerce or a domestic e-commerce, product review is always an important guarantee for the conversion rate. The hard-working listing is easy to drop the ranking and sales volume because of a bad comment. Therefore, it is particularly important to learn to deal with bad reviews correctly.

Bad reviews are generally divided into two types: regular bad reviews and malicious bad reviews.

When we see the bad comments, we must first judge whether the content of the bad comments is compliant. The review left by the buyer must meet the requirements of the platform. For the comments with non-compliance, we can appeal directly, so we don't have to worry so much. Common inappropriate contents include:

1. The content includes obscene and obscene words;

2. Words containing threats and insults;

3. The content includes the buyer's personal information, including email, telephone number and other information;

4. The content refers to the service, not the product information, and there is still a certain probability of successful application, especially the FBA order;

If there are bad comments in the above situations, the seller can appeal directly.

For conventional bad reviews, buyers may simply be dissatisfied with products, logistics and services. At this time, sellers can try to persuade Amazon buyers to remove or modify the bad reviews through these methods:

1. Sincere move

This is very important. You can make him feel that you attach great importance to the buyer's customer experience and product quality through telephone communication. At this time, he is likely to be moved by your sincerity and modify the bad comment.

2. Refund

You can choose the refund amount according to the price of the goods or the severity of the bad comments.

3. Give gifts

When the goods have small defects, small gifts can be given to obtain high praise. However, it is only limited to the small damage of the goods, which is within the scope of customer acceptance. 

4. Check whether you need to send one more product according to the situation

When the goods are seriously damaged, they need to be sent out to remedy.

Steps for Amazon to delete negative comments:

If the buyer is willing to modify or delete the bad comment, but doesn't know how to modify it. Here are the steps to modify or delete negative comments:

1. Login to Amazon official website;

2. Click your account and select your orders;

3. Select the order date and click go;

4. Find your order location and click view order details;

5. Pull the page to your seller feedback and click Remove;

6. Select the reason for removing the evaluation and click Remove feedback.

be careful:

The buyer has a 90 day evaluation period and a 60 day removal period. Be sure to persuade the buyer to modify the bad evaluation within this date. If there is no remove button, the 60 day removal period has expired.

How to deal with malicious bad comments:

If you receive malicious bad comments, don't panic. If your strategy is normal and your performance is good, you won't be ruled out by malicious competition. You can complain through Amazon. You can take a screenshot. This account is full of bad comments, which is malicious. After Amazon accepts it, it will usually judge according to the historical shopping records, IP information, shopping path, past review and other information of these competitors. The seller should explain the losses caused by your listing to Amazon, and pay attention to stepping up the follow-up processing process, so that Amazon can speed up the processing progress;

There will be more or less unexpected situations when operating the store. Don't panic in the face of bad comments. Analyze and deal with problems in time. You also need to think more from the perspective of consumers and properly handle and negotiate within your own range.

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