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What is a negative keyword

There is a negative keyword option in Amazon's CPC advertising management campaign. Under this tab, adding keywords is to tell the advertising system that there is no need for the advertising of this word. Amazon shipping

Once we add a negative word, when the customer's search word matches the negative word, the negative keyword will prevent the advertising display.

Amazon sellers can use Amazon's search terms and keyword reports to identify words that have exposure and click, but are not highly relevant and poorly transformed.

Stop the advertising of these invalid words by adding negative words. Negative keywords have two negative ways: negative precision and negative phrase.

So do we decide whether to be precise or negative? According to our operating experience, it will be better to deny accuracy.


For example, the product we sell is girl's sports shoes.

If the word shoes comes out of the advertisement, it is too broad and inaccurate; If you run out of boy's sports shoes, the correlation is not strong, and you run out of the wrong word; Running out of the word boy is a problem in the copywriting.

If we deny the phrase "shoes", we may prevent the advertisement space of the precise word "girl's sports shoes" matched by the advertisement from being displayed. Amazon shipping

However, if we deny accuracy, we can effectively avoid accidental injury.


The premise and purpose of adding negative words

The premise of adding negative words is, of course, the premise of opening CPC advertising. We must ensure that the link optimization is in place.

The factors affecting exposure are: bid, relevance and promotion score;

Factors affecting Click: main map quality, title, price, product rating quantity and star rating, and whether there is promotion;

Factors affecting transformation: listing quality (including all pictures, main picture video, title, five point description, brand story, a + page, QA, product rating quantity and star, whether there is promotion)

What does high-quality lisitng look like? If you don't know how to disassemble excellent links, how to disassemble them? View the article Amazon excellent competitive products - wall plug link disassembly Amazon shipping

The purpose of adding negative keywords is to deny those keywords with weak relevance and poor transformation. This can improve the accuracy of advertising and avoid ineffective delivery.

Reasonable addition of negative keywords can help us save advertising costs, improve advertising conversion rate and optimize advertising activities, so as to improve the conversion rate. With the increase of conversion rate, the natural ranking of keywords will be higher and higher.


Add negative keyword trick

① Negative keywords with poor performance

Negative words only add keywords with poor performance, and don't deny keywords with good performance for any reason.

For many sellers, the transformed words in the automatic advertisement are just the manual advertisement words that have been set up, and the performance is good. He wanted the automatic advertisement to match other words, so he rejected the word. This is wrong.

If you want the automatic advertisement to run other words, you can open a new automatic advertisement without negating the transformed words. On the contrary, the automatic advertisement running out of the transformed words should increase the budget to make it perform better and better.

If you don't set the words that perform better in the automatic advertisement in the manual accurate advertisement, you can pull it out and set the manual keyword advertisement separately, but you must not deny it in the automatic advertisement! Amazon shipping

② You can't deny too many words at one time

Adding negative keywords should adhere to the principle of step-by-step. Every day. Old fellow iron, half a month, who has seen an ad report once a month, denied a large number of words at a time and denied that the ads were not going to go out.

Why? Too many negations have destroyed the advertising structure of this advertising campaign.

③ Click more than 15 times without conversion and then deny

Many people point a search term 3-5 times without conversion, and the relevance is not strong. They immediately add the search term to the negative, which is not wrong.

However, some people also negate the words that have not been ordered several times and have strong relevance. This is very incorrect. Because the number of clicks is too few, it is not illustrative. Therefore, I suggest that if the search term is highly relevant, click 15-20 times without converting the word and then deny it.

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