Three things to know about Amazon brand filing (including brand naming method)


First: Why register the Amazon brand as soon as possible

1 The most direct purpose is to protect listing and crack down on selling

2 the most important purpose is to obtain the exclusive rights and interests and traffic of the exclusive brand seller: a + page video, brand analysis, off-site brand drainage reward plan, brand advertising, flagship store traffic, etc. Under the realistic background that the traffic is more and more expensive and the SP advertising traffic is more and more divided, the only way for small sellers to compete with others is to lay out the brand filing as soon as possible.

Second: Difference between TM and R standard

TM mark is only a trademark that has applied to the Trademark Office and is still in the examination stage. If the TM trademark fails to pass the examination of the Trademark Office, it will not have the legal protection effect of the trademark. Get a quote

When the TM mark is approved and registered by the local Trademark Office, the TM mark becomes the R mark, which has the legal effect of the trademark in essence.

According to Amazon's previous rules, only the seller who gets the R target is eligible for brand filing in the seller's background. The U.S. Trademark Office awarded the r-bid for nearly 6-8 months. The good news is that Amazon's policy has changed, and TM trademark can also be registered. Therefore, with TM mark, you can enjoy the rights and interests of Amazon brand after filing.

Third: c

1.Conform to the product positioning

As far as possible, it is related to the product, so that people can see that the brand can associate with the product attributes.

2 conform to the aesthetic customs of European and American people

Don't name it according to the thinking habits of Chinese people. Refer to foreign brand names, learn the brand names of local sellers in the United States, collect the local sellers in the best seller list, and find other cross-border e-commerce platforms, independent stations, sellers of similar product categories, and refer to other people's brand names and styles. Get a quote

3. You can register an international domain name (. Com)

Go to Google to search your brand in advance to see if there is an official website with the same name, or check whether the same domain name already exists on wanwang. If you find that some brands have the same name, but the business category will cause discrimination or unpleasant associations, try to avoid it. For example, if you sell children's clothes and your name coincides with the brand name of an adult products store, you'd better change your name.

Self inspection network: Check whether the domain name of "brand name. Com" can be registered.

4 do a lot of site planning in advance

Even if you consider operating the U.S. station at the beginning, other sites will not do it for the time being. You should also screen when screening the feasibility of brand names. When you plan to layout other sites in the near future, if the brand name has not been registered during this period, you can make each site have the same brand and increase brand recognition. Recently, there was a case that a bad local British seller specially attacked the seller of the owner of the American trademark under the trademark name by applying for the British trademark (the American seller only applied for the American trademark and did not apply for the British trademark at the same time). Using Amazon's rule that it would rather kill by mistake, a large number of American sellers were listed off the shelves, resulting in heavy losses.

5. Refer to foreign naming websites 

Finally, after the brand name is figured out, check whether it is available (in order to improve the passing rate, it is best to let professional brand agents do this:

Us Trademark Office inquiry 

EU Trademark Office:

Search whether there are other accounts in use: 

To be a brand website, self check wanwang:   Check whether the domain name of "brand name. Com" can be registered. Get a quote

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