Has the seller found the connotation of "free delivery"?


Under the epidemic situation, they are advocating free delivery. Considering the improvement of customer satisfaction, this war is also starting gradually. Originally, they thought the logistics problem would be solved quickly. In this way, the logistics problem will continue for a period of time. For sellers operating on Amazon platform, the logistics cost increases, the foreign inflation is serious, and the labor cost increases, These factors are threatening the seller's profits, so the seller has to consider how to improve customer satisfaction. Express service

For free delivery, it has long been used as a tool to obtain customers or member benefits, which is one of the main conveniences catalyzed by covid. This also pushed the number of Amazon Prime members to exceed the 200 million mark, forcing Wal Mart to launch orders of $35 or more in 2020 for free delivery. Since February 18, the price of Amazon Prime members has risen from US $119 to US $139, and the monthly billing has risen from US $12.99 to US $14.99. However, few people believe that the rise of US $2 will weaken the attraction of prime, especially the unlimited two-day free delivery service for qualified goods, and there is no minimum consumption requirement for members.

This kind of subscription service is very popular abroad, and it accelerated during the epidemic. Especially in the United States, there are a lot of platform distribution subscription service aggregators. Most consumers who need or need to buy many times will choose to join the subscription plan. Therefore, for Amazon sellers from the U.S. market, this service is also one of the measures to win customers' favor.

With the slowdown of covid ban measures, people have cancelled indoor masks, and social networking has begun to become active in varying degrees. However, consumer behavior and behavior will change in 2022. Even if the epidemic ends, sellers who charge more fees such as freight will be left behind by consumers. Due to the choice made by consumers at the time of checkout, the seller reduced the free delivery and the helpful function of its website in the first half of 2021, which weakened customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, the Research Institute found that sellers have adjusted free delivery in recent months. For example, in the second quarter of 2021, 63% of sellers offered free delivery, compared with 79% just a few months ago. From the fourth quarter of 2020, the decline of customer satisfaction is very small and shows a downward trend in 2021. It also points out that the data show that consumers have preferences for some functions, and sellers will undermine customer loyalty by reducing the availability of these functions. Express service

Therefore, in the past two years when the whole people provide free delivery, some sellers inevitably find that they have to pay a price because of the recent situation and rising costs. This is the absolute change of consumer trend in 2022. American Express, MasterCard and paypal also offer delivery services like this. For example, an annual fee of $79 can be charged in some areas to achieve same day delivery as a member benefit. Shoprunner, which was acquired by FedEx in 2020, demonstrated the power of free two-day delivery, and conducted a signing boom in 2021. American Eagle Outfitters, profowers and other brands came into being. As the industry faces a possible slowdown in e-commerce and online ordering in 2022, it is expected that the market and seller websites will provide more free delivery services and take advantage of convenience to maintain the conversion rate.

Therefore, for the war of free delivery service, it is very important for our sellers to improve customer satisfaction. Amazon sellers must do. It is very important to find a balance between cost and profit. Customer satisfaction has always been a common problem, and on Amazon, the platform attaches great importance to sellers, So for Amazon sellers, such measures will also be very common. Express service

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