What are the best sellers on Amazon UK? What buying preferences do British people have?

The British like to spend money on experience rather than material. The British generally spend the most on clothing. The products are mainly fashionable, novel and fun, and are most suitable for fast-moving consumer goods.

What are the best sellers on Amazon UK? What buying preferences do British people have? What are the best sellers on Amazon UK? What buying preferences do British people have?

The British like to spend money on experience rather than material. Clothing expenditure accounts for the largest proportion. It is most suitable for fast-moving consumer goods in the UK, mainly fashion, novelty and fun.


Characteristics and habits of British consumers:

--- The United Kingdom is not a single nation. The English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish people all have their own traditions and national cultures

- -In terms of lifestyle, the British like to make things by themselves in their leisure time, which is also related to the high labor costs in the UK, but they do enjoy the handmade process. They like to repair houses, fences, make furniture, etc., so some semi-finished products, assembling parts, and making tools may suit British consumers.

- -Most British people are also very pragmatic. They don't care much about the brand and pay more attention to quality. British sociologists' evaluations of consumers in their home countries are: British consumers buy the best necessities, and they don't stingy with money; buy the least non-essentials, and don't waste money. Of course, individual wealthy consumers are a different story

- -The British standard for buying things is: cheap. I don’t care much about high-end brands and fashion trends, I only care about prices, and I often bargain.

--- Foreigners do not pay attention to the sales volume when shopping. They value the introduction, performance, characteristics, and price of the product itself as their reference items. Due to the differences in consumer concepts at home and abroad, common domestic orders and e-commerce platforms rarely appear in foreign e-commerce platforms, because there is not much need. People will not value your orders when buying, but the products themselves.

What British people like to buy on Amazon

Prime Day best-selling categories on Amazon UK site have been released, including: tools, skin care, equipment, spirits and cosmetics.

Best-selling products in the UK: In addition to Amazon equipment, there are also Shark wireless vacuum cleaner, CeraVe SA cleanser, Jack Daniel's Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, Andrex toilet paper 54 rolls, Finish large multi-effect dishwashing block , Pinch of Nom Everyday Light recipe book and Oral-B Smart Series 6000 electric toothbrush.

Beauty products: CeraVe Skincare SA Cleanser, CeraVe Skincare Moisturizing Lotion, Maybelline New York Sky High Mascara, Real Techniques Beauty Egg and Tigi's Bed Head Care Set.

Consumer electronics: In addition to Amazon devices, the best-selling consumer electronics products include Ultimate Ears Wonderboom portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, Sony Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless noise-cancelling headphones, Sennheiser HD 450BT wireless headphones and GoPro HERO8 Black sports camera.

Grocery: Lindt Treat Bar Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher Ferrero Chocolate Gift Box, Barr American Cream Soda, NESTLE Nestle The Big Biscuit Box Chocolate Biscuit, Lavazza Crema e Aroma Coffee Beans, Arabica and Robusta Medium roasted coffee beans.

In addition, Amazon UK also announced the best-selling categories for small and medium-sized sellers, including: lighting, sports and fitness, skin care, household utensils, headphones, linens, wireless accessories, nail care and outdoor products.

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