The highest sales volume on Amazon Europe is Germany. What are the online shopping habits of Germans

The highest sales volume on Amazon Europe is Germany. What are the online shopping habits of Germans?

In addition to the UK site, Germany has the highest sales volume in Amazon Europe, which is the blue ocean platform of choice for cross-border sellers! What do Germans like to buy on Amazon?

Amazon Europe has the highest sales in Germany and the United Kingdom. Last year, Amazon Germany had sales of 10.25 billion euros, and 58% of the sales were created by third parties. Amazon Germany’s sales this year will exceed 18 billion euros. The preferred blue ocean platform for cross-border sellers!

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German consumption habits

- In consumer behavior surveys, people usually shop online on Saturdays, reaching 30%, which is more than the sum of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

- Consumers of sporting goods usually shop on Saturdays, with the proportion reaching 34%. This is followed by Friday (20%) and Sunday (14%). Consumers rarely shop online from Monday to Thursday (the total is only 32%).

- As for shopping time, 61% of consumers shop between 6 pm and midnight, and 63% of consumers buy clothing and footwear at night.

What Germans like to buy on Amazon

In addition to the payment method that can reflect the rigorous personality of Germans, it is also an important performance to pay attention to product descriptions when shopping; Germans prefer to read text, pay much attention to product manuals, and even help documents have to be embedded in pdf. Germans like to read descriptions that combine product features, and don't pay much attention to comments from other users.

Consumer electronics, baby products, home, outdoor, and DIY are very popular on Amazon.

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