Which product sells best on Amazon Japan?

What do Japanese like to buy on Amazon? Japan’s unique cultural and artistic traditional festivals are similar to most marketing seasons, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, Tanabata, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Prime Day, etc.

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sea shipping china to Japan

What Japanese like to buy on Amazon What Japanese like to buy on Amazon

Japanese culture, art and consumption characteristics According to data, in the global e-commerce sales market share in 2020, Japan's e-commerce business scale ranks fourth in the world. From the perspective of growth trends, the scale of Japanese e-commerce operations is gradually increasing, and the level of Japanese e-commerce is also gradually improving.

Japan is an economically developed capitalist country with a high degree of westernization. Its consumption habits are similar to those of European and American countries. Except for Japan’s unique cultural and artistic traditional festivals, most of the marketing seasons are similar, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Chinese Valentine’s Day. , Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Prime Day, etc.

What do Japanese like to buy on Amazon


There is a big gap between European and American fashion styles and Japanese styles. European and American products are either leaning toward the atmosphere or the simple style of white T-shirts; Japan will do personalized and mixed styles, so you must first be familiar with Japanese styles.

Home appliances

Including humidifiers, dehumidifiers and related small home appliances, sales in Japan are very high. Large-scale auto parts are not suitable for Japan, but automotive electronic products (such as driving recorders) will be a good choice for high customer unit prices.

Electronic (CE) Products

In Japan, there are many Chinese sellers selling mobile phone cases and peripheral accessories, but in fact, the PC market share is the highest, and we sell relatively few PC-related accessories. Windows tablet PCs are also a hot spot in the market now, and their peripheral products have a good prospect. It is worth noting that FBA accounts for a high proportion of these products, and FBA is a key competitiveness.

Home sports

Japan is a country prone to earthquakes, but there are many people who love outdoor sports, so the sales of flashlights, whether for disaster prevention or sports, are very high. There is one more thing to pay attention to about sports equipment, because the living area in Japan is generally relatively small, and fitness equipment (such as indoor treadmills) need to be relatively small. This is also the foresight of the market in choosing products.

Japan’s industrial culture is developed, and copyright issues are also issues that require attention. Japanese people prefer local products. If you can obtain local certification, your products will be more convincing. The second is quality. Quality is the basis for long-term stable operations.

sea shipping china to Japan

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