What is the best-selling product on Amazon America?

Statistics show that 74% of Americans prefer Amazon. So what products do Americans like to buy on Amazon, and which products are more popular in the United States?

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The special of Amazon America

Seventy-five percent of the countries with the highest total export value of Chinese products are middle-class families in the United States, with huge customer traffic and high-frequency consumption habits. Americans have simple ideas. The simpler the products on the shelves, the better, and the profit margin is large; because of the US market There is a lot of expert data, and a mature operation idea is needed. It is the easiest to create explosive models, and it is also the easiest market to get corresponding returns.

What are the best-selling products on Amazon in the United States

1. Apparel

American autumn and winter festivals and popular products:

August back to school season: women's clothing, school uniforms

September back to school season: school uniforms, casual wear

Halloween in October: Halloween accessories

November Black Friday: sweaters, sportswear

Cyber Monday in December: sweaters, sportswear

New Year in January: Winter accessories

Valentine's Day in February: Jewelry, Underwear

Easter in March (sports season): children's clothing, sportswear

Clothing, shoes, jewellery, watches and bags are known as the five “magic weapons” of Amazon’s fashion category. During Prime Day in previous years, sales of this category in the United States exceeded US$300 million. Blindly, as the year-end peak season approaches, we can clearly see that clothing will inevitably become Amazon's hottest products in autumn and winter.

2. Anti-epidemic supplies and peripheral products:
In the context of the epidemic, the demand for anti-epidemic products on the Amazon market is increasing day by day.

At the same time, peripheral products have also become a trend. T-shirts printed with "Don't worry, I have been vaccinated." have become the latest trend in the current AmazonMerch listing. Sellers with a keen sense of smell in the market have launched a series of "I am vaccinated" products early to harvest a wave of "traffic dividends."

3. Household items
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, home furnishings, as a category with high sales, can be said to have earned the “eyeballs” of cross-border sellers, and they have become the target of selection for many cross-border sellers.

According to the home furnishing market survey:

The U.S. market will reach 250 billion U.S. dollars in 2023;

The European market will grow to 232 billion US dollars in 2022;

The Japanese market is expected to grow to 31 billion US dollars in 2021.

4. Pet supplies

As overseas consumers pay more attention to pets, pet categories are showing a rapid growth trend. Cats, dogs, bird walks, and fish farming are becoming popular, and pet categories are gaining momentum.

According to research institutes, the global pet market (including products and services) will reach nearly 270 billion in 2025. North America is one of the most mature markets for pet consumption, and its pet products are predicted to reach 93.1 billion.
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