On November 8th, Amazon's "Black Friday" officially opened

Amazon announced in a statement that the Black Friday pre-sales will begin on November 8, covering all categories of products, including major brands and popular products.

Mariangela Marseglia, Amazon's vice president and general manager, emphasized that the company is willing to offer customers "offers suitable for all preferences, so that consumers can purchase (desired products) in advance during the Christmas period."

Starting from November 8th, in addition to the Amazon application and virtual assistant Alexa, Amazon also plans to launch new offers every day, which consumers can get on amazon.es/blackfriday.

Products involved include toys, Amazon fashion, home and kitchen, electronics, beauty, sports and outdoor, entertainment, food, Amazon equipment, Amazon music and Amazon brands (including household products, electronics, sports, furniture, hygiene and personal care ).

In addition, to access gift products of small and medium-sized sellers, you can visit the website amazon.es/regalapymes and the Amazon store.

About 60% of the products sold by Amazon belong to external partners, mainly small and medium enterprises, who sell their products in Amazon stores. These include handmade products (including customizable products, household items, Christmas decorations, jewelry, etc.) as well as innovative products from small brands in all Amazon Launchpad categories (including innovative products from startups, entrepreneurs, and small companies).

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