Amazon Canada cancels this year's Prime membership

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Amazon Canada cancels this years Prime membership(图1)
Amazon Canada site cancels this year's Prime Day

Recently, when Amazon began planning its fourth quarter holiday season promotions, the platform released the latest information on the status of Prime Membership Day in 2021. Based on the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on Canada and the platform's emphasis on protecting the health and safety of employees, Amazon announced that it will not hold Prime Membership Day in Canada this year.
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Amazon Japan: You can use batch automatic pricing to set the upper and lower price limits

Recently, Amazon Japan has added a new feature to its automatic pricing tool to help sellers manage their businesses in multiple countries/regions. It is understood that sellers can use the current price or set the lower and upper price limits for products in other countries/regions, and set up to 50 SKUs at a time.

It is reported that this feature eliminates the need to manually enter lower/higher prices by country/region or SKU, which saves sellers time and effort. In addition, in order to further simplify this operation, it is now possible to arbitrarily set price restrictions on the SKU registered in the automatic price setting.

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