Amazon Getting Started Q A Collection (2)

Amazon Getting Started Q A Collection (2)
Amazon Getting Started Q A Collection (2)(图1)

Q: How to solve the problem of uploading products on Amazon?
A: Generally we will use N/A to upload products, but this is not a long-term solution. The best way is to register a brand and apply for a brand whitelist.

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Q: What should I do if error code 5665 is reported when uploading products?
A: The error 5665 is prompted because the brand you filled in cannot be used on Amazon. You need to apply to become a brand or apply for a brand whitelist.

Q: How to solve the error code 5461 when uploading products?
A: Prove that there is a problem with your UPC code, it has been used or it is irregular, then it is enough to replace your UPC code

Q: What is the age for registering an Amazon seller account? How old is the age for registering an Amazon seller account?
A: There is no such rule. Amazon does not require the age of the registered store legal person to be between several years old. As long as the legal person can be ready to register
The information required by Amazon is enough
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Q: Is there a big risk for Amazon to create unlimited spikes?
A: The risk is extremely high! It is recommended not to do this, and Amazon was caught and closed the store.

Q: Will there be double discounts when Amazon sets Prime discounts and then sets ordinary coupons?
A: Yes, prime discount and coupon can be used together.

Q: Do I have to complete the Amazon brand registration before I am eligible for Amazon's Choice?
A: No, even if you are not a brand registered seller who meets the qualifications, you can still get it

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Q: How to operate Amazon FBA multi-channel delivery?
A: Once you enter the Amazon backend, click inventory-manage inventory. Once you find the product you want to distribute through multiple channels, "Edit" and click on the "V" next to it. There will be many options. Select "Create Multi-channel Shipping Order" and enter the address at the end. It's ok

Q: A network cable is connected to two computers, one is logged in to Amazon for operation, and the other is not logged in to Amazon for operation (logged in before), will it be detected?
A: If you log in to two accounts with the same IP, the account will be associated, even if you have logged in before. If your account is the same set of data, different sites can log in on the same computer, but you need to use different browsers.

Q: Can Amazon Europe sell electric balance bikes? If I can’t sell, do I need to apply?
A: Once due to safety and patent issues, Amazon removed all balance cars on the platform. At present, the entry barriers for such products are very high, and complete qualifications and certifications are required to apply for sales. Products such as balance bikes have high barriers to entry, high costs, and very high risks. If you are a novice who has just started Amazon, it is not recommended to enter.

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