Inventory of essential tools for Prime Day

Inventory of essential tools for Prime Day
Inventory of essential tools for Prime Day(图1)
Inventory of various e-commerce dry goods, trends, information and marketing strategies, and teach you fancy "e-commerce"
Explosive product creation has always been the focus of our operations. How to use tools to select products?
Inventory of essential tools for Prime Day

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May is undoubtedly "dark" for Amazon sellers. First, Amazon's storage capacity dropped and then dropped, followed by a fierce price war, and a new low in the US dollar exchange rate. Prime Day in June can be described as the most important day for Amazon merchants, cumbersome inventory management, and various replenishment issues. I don’t know what to do when I choose the product, the shop is closed, how can I appeal if I’m not familiar with it? Today I have counted some useful service provider tools for pro-testing, for your reference.

1. The creation of explosive models has always been the focus of our operations. How to use tools to select products?
The following tools are currently relatively hot, you can choose according to your own situation.
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1. Captain BI Amazon operating software comprehensive tool
(Amazon technology partners, have entered the Amazon App Store, 130+ functions to assist operations, support multi-terminal viewing)
2. JS selection tool (the accuracy of his data is 80%-90%, 14 days worry-free refund, Chinese customer service support)
3. AMZScout Amazon product selection tool (a cost-effective Amazon product selection tool, no need to provide Amazon account information, 100% safe)
4. Number Magic Product Selection Tool (Amazon Advertising Partners, Amazon Training Course Consulting Service Providers
5. Helium 10 Amazon product selection tool (30-day free trial, data covering 450 million ASIN single product data shows highly accurate market data including estimated monthly income)
6. Oulu product selection tool (7-day free trial, daily update of the top 100,000+ products in major categories, listing and advertising word optimization, keyword mining, Asin keyword reverse search)

7. FindNiche no-source selection tool (5 free searches, AliExpress product analysis, head seller tracking, independent station product analysis)

8. Extensive product selection tools (includes nearly 1 billion advertising data, helps sellers select products through advertising material channels, and includes nearly 30 million Amazon Listing data)

9. Seller wizard product selection tool (Providing profit calculator, keyword collection, sales forecast, Keepa plug-in and other tools for free forever)
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2. Private domain traffic creation, Amazon traffic is limited, how to use some popular tools to create traffic and stimulate sales?

At present, the three mainstream platforms facebook, google, tiktok, and Hugo are all first-level agents, and you can click to open an account for free.

Facebook, Facebook has a large number of users, real files, high activity and strong stickiness, and its traffic is the best weapon for detecting explosives.

Google has low customer acquisition costs and can flexibly set daily budgets to obtain more enquiries at a lower price. Google has advanced algorithm technology to provide enterprises with remarketing and strengthen user memory

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Tiktok, one of the most downloaded apps in the world in 2020, covers 150+ countries and supports 75+ languages. It is suitable for brands with creative content. With TikTok For Bussiness, you can unleash the charm of your brand.

3. A simple and efficient ERP can effectively improve the efficiency of product editing and uploading, and greatly increase traffic revenue

1. Qianyi cross-border seller ERP (20-day free trial, accurate profit accounting/overseas warehouse delivery/invoicing management)

2. Jijia erp (the founder is from Anker, and Jijia ERP is carefully crafted by him based on Anker's management philosophy and in-depth understanding of Amazon's business. It is connected to the financial system. The data accuracy rate is 98%. The advertising data is captured in 15 minutes. The time limit for an update crawl is currently the highest)

3.4KMILES SaaS free package (basic functions are always free, suitable for sellers with low budgets)

4. Caravan ERP (7-day free trial, providing complete e-commerce solutions)

5. Malacca ERP (Shopee official partner, free to use)

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