Amazon Getting Started QA Highlights

Amazon Getting Started QA Highlights
Amazon Getting Started QA Highlights(图1)
Amazon QA Collection (Q145-Q155)

Q: What should I do if there is no bill for my business license address and residential address?
A: At this time, the easiest way is to re-pull a network cable to get the network bill.

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Q: Will the Amazon account that I registered in my hometown have any impact on my seller account when logging in with a different computer in a different place?
A: Changing your address frequently to log in to Amazon may think your account has been stolen, and then turn on the protection mechanism for your account. It takes time and effort to appeal back.

Q: If Amazon's business license address is changed, will Amazon have an impact?
A: Yes, the change of address is likely to be reviewed

Q: I registered for each Amazon site and used a browser, which resulted in the same email address. What impact will it have? Is there a remedy?
A: According to what you said, the situation can no longer be described in terms of influence. Even if you have the same set of information, you can use the same registration environment to register multiple sites, but the browser and email must be different, otherwise there will be direct association, and the association will be directly blocked.

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Q: After Amazon gets the investment link, can I use another set of materials to apply?
A: No, the link for which set of materials is applied for is for which set of materials to register, don't take the action. You can use another set of materials to apply for the investment link, anyway, you don't need to spend money.

Q: Will the computer change during Amazon's second trial be associated?
A: If you have not logged in or registered with any Amazon before, you will not change the login environment.

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Q: The shipment was cancelled by Amazon if it was not delivered in time, but the shipment has already been sent out. Will Amazon still sign for it?
A: It is recommended that you first contact customer service to explain the situation. If you can't solve it, you can use the following methods.

Contact the overseas warehouse, and then contact the forwarder to change the address, send the goods to the overseas warehouse you contacted, and then recreate the shipment, and then contact the overseas warehouse to help you paste the new box label, and then let Yama The warehouse cooperative carrier can pick up the goods. The impact of this operation on you is minimal.

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Q: My Amazon store is blocked, how do I untie the credit card that deducted the rent?
A: The account has been blocked, and the deduction will not continue. Just delete it directly in the background.

Q: I have applied for the intellectual property rights of the product in China. Can I complain to the merchants that infringe on Amazon/eBay?
A: Trademarks and patents are all territorial. In which country the application is made, it is only protected by which country. Copyright can be protected in its member states in accordance with the provisions of the Berne Convention. If your picture and description are stolen by others, you can file a complaint on Amazon and eBay. As long as you can provide relevant original proof, it will generally be accepted. The next step is to consider whether or not to communicate with the respondent.

Q: What should I do if I can't find the reason after Amazon is connected?
A: If you really can't think of the reason for the association, you can try to find a more capable service provider for physical examination.

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