What does Amazon operations do every day?

What does Amazon operations do every day?

Simple operations are basically fine in half a day, but for refined operations, one day is not enough. Let me share with you the most basic daily operations of Amazon operations.
What does Amazon operations do every day? What do Amazon operations do every day?
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1. Check account health, whether there is a small red flag performance notification, if so, deal with it according to the specific situation.

2. Respond to the station letter (not more than 24 hours), deal with the bad reviews (if any), do a good job of after-sales work, and record it with a form to facilitate follow-up tracking.

3. Check whether the front-end products are on sale normally, whether the shopping cart is lost, followed by the sale, whether the page can be displayed normally, etc. If there is a problem, find a solution by yourself.
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4. Enter the main keywords of the product in the search box at the front desk, whether my product can be searched normally, whether the keyword ranking has changed, and how to improve it. (Time-consuming, manual recording is required, it is very important for optimization, it is recommended to develop a habit)

5. Analyze the advertising data to see if there is anything that needs attention or optimization. Time-consuming, it must be comprehensively evaluated based on specific advertising data, the situation of the day of the order, and the details of the front desk's own listing)
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6. Look at the order situation, whether the sales data of different products have changed, what is the reason behind it, how to adjust, and think about the practice. (I usually look at the combination of advertising, billing, and front desk. It is easier to find problems and find solutions)

7. To see if there is any replenishment, make inventory planning, calculate the inventory turnover cycle, and prevent out of stock. (From overseas warehouses to Amazon for small batch replenishment, you have to look at this piece almost every day. Regardless of whether there is any replenishment, you must check it every day to be foolproof, especially when a certain product is suddenly sold a lot.)
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9. If there is a malicious follow-up, give the other party a warning or complain to Amazon (the brand is registered, the chance of winning is high).

10. Pay attention to inventory performance scores, timely repair unavailable inventory, clear out redundant inventory, timely replenishment, maintain a good sales rate, and maintain a high score (now the threshold is 500), so that you can enjoy unlimited FBA warehousing.

11. To participate in product selection, you need to investigate market capacity, competition, high-quality competitors, analyze product-related data, and so on.
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12. If you are new, you must research the product keywords, write the new product details page, develop a product map plan and arrange for someone to take photos and retouch the map, send FBA, and formulate sales strategies for the new product when it arrives. (When it is new, you may encounter category review or dangerous goods review. At this time, you can provide materials in accordance with Amazon's requirements).

13. In addition, we should also pay attention to the dynamics of competitors every day, whether the other party has adjusted prices, whether they have added variants, whether they have recently launched new ones, why he sells better than me, what is worth learning from me, etc., Keep thinking and learning.

14. Usually, we will deal with emergencies from time to time, such as page changes, products being removed, variants being split, etc. If you encounter it, you must handle it yourself or open a case as soon as possible.
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