These methods can significantly improve the Amazon conversion rate

There are many ways to improve the conversion rate. From the perspective of consumers, we will explore the factors that affect customers' conversion and order placement.

1. Video production

Videos include the main picture video, buyer show celebrity video, A+ page video, QA video, Reviews video, etc., making full use of various videos to attract attention and improve conversion rate. freight forwarder

Amazon Influencer Buyer Show Videos have become an important tool for increasing conversion rates. Professional, high-quality buyer show videos can increase consumers' stay time on the listing page and enhance the attractiveness of products. The more uploaded buyer show videos, the more traffic can be brought to the product.


Image source: Amazon Web Page

2. Obtain high -quality pictures and video long text comments

The positive product evaluation can significantly affect consumers' purchase decisions. By participating in the Amazon VINE program, high -quality evaluation is obtained by security compliance, and the authoritative long text+video/picture VINE comments can attract buyers' attention.


Image source: Amazon Web Page

3. Use A+content and brand story function

By using A+content and brand story functions, make full use of the A+product description function, add more photos, information charts and texts, highlight the quality and characteristics of the product in A+page video and description, and attract the interest of buyers.

4. Optimize product price

Pricing strategy is essential for improving the conversion rate. Sellers need to formulate appropriate pricing strategies based on product quality, profitability and market competition, formulate different discounts, coupons or promotional activities, increase product perception value, and maintain competitive pricing to improve search rankings. shipping agent

The more considers sellers from the perspective of consumers, the higher the final conversion rate.

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