Amazon order sales decline, find the reason from these aspects

For Amazon sellers, pushing a product is indeed not a simple problem. The daily sales of Amazon sellers are different, and it will fluctuate in one range. The product order suddenly decreases, which must be caused by a variety of factors. Regarding the possible factors that lead to a decline in weight weight and decline in sales, Xiaobian specializes the list for your reference.

1. Whether the node of the category is changed:

Each Amazon category gathers a large number of accurate keywords. When your product performs excellent in the present category, if you suddenly change the listing into another product category, the entire keyword, target customer, and traffic will change. Therefore, it is best not to change the category of its product release when the product sales are stable and do not rely on CPC advertisements (the traffic of advertising is mainly from paid keywords, so the impact is not much).

2. Whether the product exposure is low:

If sales suddenly fall, sellers can stand from the perspective of customers and try to search for related products. If your product is not on the first page of the search results, it may be the reason for the decline in sales. Check out the display of your product on the mobile terminal. Make sure the product is published correctly, choose the right keywords, and the picture is clear. Otherwise, it is best to publish again. Another method is to check whether the product page views have changed greatly.

3. Does Listing receive a bad review (REVIEW/RATING):

The impact of bad reviews on product sales is very obvious, and a bad evaluation can easily take away the potential orders on this listing. Many consumers see the bad reviews when looking at the product, and it is easy to close the page and re -select. fba shipping

4. Whether the voice of the buyer has received the customer's complaint product quality/safety issues:

Even if a listing performs well, it is likely to be killed by a complaint of 1-2 security issues.

5. The parameters of the product are not detailed:

In the case of improving Listing, sellers often forget the filling of the main parameters of the product. Amazon's background management is operated with the help of A9 optimizing the algorithm. It can strongly recommend some products with similar parameters based on the technical parameters in the middle of the product, and can also get Amazon's recommendation display. Therefore, the seller must not be recommended by the Amazon system software due to the vacancy of the main parameters of the product.

6. Whether the preferential promotion is expired:

The platform's promotional activities can help provide product sales. If our product activities are offline, this will also affect our product sales.

7. Is there a decline in the keyword position:

When it comes to the sales of products on Amazon, traffic is a factor that directly affects sales. Factors that affect traffic include Amazon's keywords and the natural ranking of ads on the station. Therefore, when the seller finds that the sales of their products are declining, they can go to the Amazon front desk to learn whether the keywords often appear on the list decline.

8. Is there a decline in the advertising location:

The advertisement reported on Amazon to see if the orders from advertisements have fallen. If so, see if the display and display time of the advertisement have changed. If so, you need to check what changes in your advertisement in time, resulting in a decline in orders. Not only the number of shops decreased, but many normal orders are also declining.

9. Whether it is sold at a low price, the shopping cart is robbed:

Sellers who have learned about the gold shopping cart should know that 80%of consumers all buy products through the gold shopping cart, that is, Buybox. If your golden shopping cart is snatched by other competitors, your order will definitely be snatched. Therefore, when the seller finds the sales of their products decline, they must see if their gold shopping cart is still in their own hands.

10. Whether the product is out of stock:

Almost all sellers of FBA shipments have experienced over -selling goods for selling out of stock. The hot sales of goods are happy, but the impact of the sales, ranking and advertising of the goods is also impressed by the seller. logistics

11. Whether the product return rate is too high:

Because the return rate is too high and the weight of Listing, the seller must pay attention to the reason for the customer's return, to improve the product based on the return, and try to minimize the total number of returns.

12. Is it a seasonal product, whether it is in the off -season and whether the traffic is declining:

Some sellers chose seasonal products or updated fast -moving products when choosing products, so sales fluctuated sharply with the season.

13. Whether the advertisement is over:

Some sellers who often rely on advertising to publicize orders, if the advertising is completed, the number of orders will be harmful. Therefore, sellers should find ways to increase the share of natural order information and prevent advertising from being passively operated by high -cost fees.

14. Is ODR not up to the standard:

ODR is an important indicator of Amazon's evaluation of seller account performance, so it must be less than 1%. If the seller does not pay attention, once more than 1%, the seller is likely to be suspended or terminated by Amazon. Therefore, the seller must take this seriously. When you receive each claim or evaluation, you must pay attention. If you repeat the problems, you must correct it.

15. Whether there are new low -cost competitors enter:

The order drops a lot, and see if the ranking of the small category has changed. If the ranking has not changed, the order becomes less, indicating that the current situation is that the overall traffic is declining. If the ranking declines or the competitive products are coming ahead, your sales will inevitably decline.

16. Whether the competitors have made adjustments:

Because the entire platform and the relative category destination traffic is relatively fixed. If the competitors are sprinting in the short term, and continue to kill the sales volume in the short term, then your listing sales will definitely fall in a short time. Therefore The situation is also the daily work of every Amazon operation.

17. A large number of seller inventory backlogs, sellers reduced the price at the same time:

Due to the backlog of inventory, a large number of sellers are clearing inventory inside and outside the stations, and a large number of sellers in the same type are reduced at the same time, which will lead to a decline in sales at this time.

18. The product is eliminated by the market:

With the iteration of the product update, your product is no longer accepted by the market, gradually eliminated, and the demand has gradually decreased. At this time, you can make product updates and upgrades.

19. The life cycle of hot -selling products has reached the end, and the market is saturated:

We often say that the same good products need to meet market demand. If there is no need for products produced, there will be no consumers who will buy it. The products have a life cycle. The product life cycle is affected by various situations. Different product types have different life cycles, and there will be some differences between different stations. The life cycle of most products at the US station is half a year long, and it is only 3 months short. If the movement is too slow, the product may be on the shelves. Because of the KYC review and VAT tax threshold, many product categories can be sold for 2-3 years. However, we still need to continue to pay attention to the market changes of the product in order to deal with emergencies in time.

20. No continuous product optimization work:

The market in the market has changed, and no one knows what emergencies will happen tomorrow. Today is this hot search word, which will become another in a few months. If there is no continuous product optimization work, the traffic will be reduced after a long time, and it will unknowingly cause the decline in sales orders.

21. Whether there is a problem with its own listing:

Whether listing is maliciously changed into adult products, etc., whether the front desk is displayed normally.

Solution and prevent order decline

1. Keep a good performance of the account. Do not sell infringing products, the delivery should be timely, if you can have a tracking number, you can have the query tracking number. Those who can send FBA will be shipped through the FBA. Do not touch the Amazon red line and bottom line. Fortunately, it is possible that in the end, it may be calculated after autumn.

2. Continue to do a good job of product optimization, and keep the changes in the environmental environment in a timely manner and the changes in platform policy. In the event of limited editing permissions, you can open CASE consultation or application.

3. Mail response to timely, strengthen customer communication, contact customers in a timely manner, can be modified as much as possible. Returning disputes and A-TO-Z disputes should be properly handled. There must be no rough threat language.

4. Pay attention to the behavior of competitors and appropriately learn from the advantages of the opponent. The changing of the Sales Rank ranking is a must -do item for daily work. Whether the ranking of its products rises or declines, whether the ranking of competitive products has risen or declined. The possible factors behind the ranking change must be carefully considered and adopted countermeasures.

5. For the hot -selling products of the store, the sales volume of BestSeller is detected every day. Especially before each replenishment, do not replenish it because of the current or in recent days. A large number of inventory backlogs cannot be sold.

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