In August, the freight rate of European and American routes rose!

NO.1 European and American routes rose, and Europe rose over 30%

Since July, the US -Line shipping price has jumped, and Europe has followed. Data show that the freight rates from Shanghai to Europe on July 28 rose more than 30%, and the Western Zhou Dynasty rose 10.1%(the entire July increased by 38%).

The rising freight rate rising to the latest period of the Shanghai export container freight index SCFI rose 6.5 % to 1029.23 points, returning to the thousands of mark. This round of quotes is also an advance reflection of the shipping company to promote the price increase in the European and American routes in August.

The industry revealed that under the circumstances of limited increase in goods in Europe and the United States, and continuous investment in new capacity, the shipping company's pumping off class is close to the limit. Whether it can maintain freight rates in the first week of August will become an important focus of observation.

NO.2 Canadian Wharf workers issued a strike threat again

According to the latest Bloomberg report, the dock workers on the West Coast of Canada have rejected a proposed mediation agreement submitted by the federal government, increasing the possibility of the country's busiest port again. This means that since July 1st, the cargo that reaches 700 million yuan per day during the strike period, and no one continues to clean the transportation.

According to a statement from the British Columbia Marine Employer Association (BCMEA) last Friday evening, members of the International Wharf and Warehouse Alliance (ILWU) rejected an agreement that will increase salary by 19.2%within four years. The leadership of the trade union suggested that their members voted for the strike.

No.3 "China Southern Airlines Express" international products are officially released

China Southern Airlines Logistics recently held the "China Southern Airlines Express" international product launch conference. It officially launched the "China Southern Airlines Express" international products with the highest time -effective "China Southern Airlines Express" international products in Southeast Asia, the United States, the United States, the United States, the New Australia, Japan, and South Korea, which helped connect the global supply chain construction.

"China Southern Airlines Express" international products are the basis of Southern Airlines Logistics based on summing up the experience of domestic express products, further strengthening resource management, enriching product connotation, upgrading service standards, and the highest transport timeliness products launched for the international market. Customers can enjoy the priority approval compartment. The five major rights and interests of giving away from Hong Kong, priority installation, entry into Hong Kong, and new electronic platform experience.

No. 4 American truck transportation giant Yellow closed down

The 1999 truck transportation giant Yellow announced the closure of local time on Sunday local time, which will stop operation immediately, causing about 30,000 employees to unemployment.

In terms of employment and income loss, this closure is the largest in the history of the American truck transportation industry.

The company obtained a $ 700 million federal epidemic relief fund in 2020, but failed to reverse its fate. It is currently preparing to apply for bankruptcy and is negotiating all or part of the business.

NO.5 This year, my country's new ship order volume is expected to exceed 50 million yuan in consolment

The China Shipping Association said on July 31 that it is expected that the global shipbuilding volume in 2023 will remain at a high level of 90 million yuan. The order volume of new ships exceeds 100 million yuan, and the number of handheld orders will remain at about 220 million tons.

The completion of my country's shipbuilding will exceed 42 million tons, and the order volume of new ships exceeds 50 million yuan in consolment. The hand -holding ship orders will maintain about 120 million yuan.

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