Dafei on the Asian-Nordic route FAK Sea freight;

NO.1 Canadian wharf strike continues, and the government may intervene in negotiations

The strike on the west coast of Canada is still continuing, and the call for the federal government to intervene is getting higher and higher. Both sides said that negotiations between maritime employers and related unions are deadlocked due to maintenance work.

The Ottawa government is facing pressure from exporters and politicians from exporters and inland provinces to ask them to take action. The Minister of Transport in Alberta hopes that the federal government will recall the parliament and consider restoring work legislation to end the strikes of the port of British Columbia.

No. 2 in the first half of the year of the China -Europe trains has increased by 16%

From January to June this year, the Central and European trains have opened a total of 8641 columns and sent 936,000 standard boxes, an increase of 16%and 30%year -on -year.

Among them, 4620 columns and 499,000 tanks, a year -on -year increase of 16%and 29%; the return 4021 column and 437,000 standard boxes, a year -on -year increase of 16%and 31%. As of now, the China -Europe Class has accumulated more than 73,000 columns and 6.9 million standard boxes over the years, and has reached 216 cities in 25 countries in Europe.

NO.3 Dafei on the FAK Marine freight of Asia-Nordic routes

Recently, the CMA CGM issued an official notice announced that it will significantly increase the FAK shipping cost of Asia-Nordic routes from August 1. Da Fei said that the move was to "continue to provide reliable and efficient services to customers", and the new rate came into effect from August 1st until it was notified.

From August 1st, all Asian ports (including Japan, Southeast Asia, and Bangladesh) have been exported to the FAK rates from Nordic Port (including the United Kingdom and from Portugal to Finland/Estonia). US dollars, every 40 -foot dry box/refrigerator box increased to $ 1950.

NO.4 HMM launched the Far East-India-Mediterranean New route

HMM recently announced that it will be connected to the Far East-India-Mediterranean new route FIM.

The route will be from Busan on August 6th, with 84 days round trip time, and the first sailing ship is the "HMM Blessing" wheel of 11,000teu.

The route of the route is: Busan-Guangyang-Shanghai-Ningbo-Shekou-Singapore-Barn Port-Catta Bali-Monadra-Carach-Gada (Suez Canal) -Damimi) Etita Breves-Green Valencia-Barcelona-Breevs-Damimeita (Suez Canal)-Gada Karachi Mondra-Catta-Cato Papa Li-Singapore-Dajiao Bay-Busan.

NO.5 Dalian Port Open Dexiang Philippine route!

Recently, with the "Dexiang Bangkok" wheels successfully relying on the Port No. 12 berth in Dalian Port Container Terminal, Dexiang Philippine routes were officially put into operation, adding another RCEP regional container route to Liaogang Group.

It is understood that the Dexiang Philippine route is the first self -operated foreign trade container route route from Dexiang Sea to Dalian Port. It plans to invest 5 1800TEU container ships.

Since the official effect of RCEP, Liaogang Group has actively deployed the Southeast Asian route network with the help of policy advantages, opened multiple RCEP national container routes, and basically achieved full coverage of the core port of RCEP member states. At present, direct flights from the Philippines to the Philippines have increased to 4.

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