Add another variable? The United States may levy 254%import tariff on this product

According to Bloomberg report on May 4th, the US Senate passed a resolution to cancel the Southeast Asian Light Panel tariff exemption with 56 votes to 41 votes. If the resolution is finally passed by the White House, the tariffs of solar panels imported from Southeast Asia may be as high as 254%, and the tariffs on imported products currently affected are below two digits. FBA shipping

This matter originated in 2022. In June last year, the White House announced that the solar panels of Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam were exempt from two years of tariffs, and quoted the "National Defense Production Act" to support the domestic solar panel manufacturing industry.

In December of the same year, the US Department of Commerce claimed that according to surveys, China Solar Corporation was trying to bypass the US tariffs through production and processing in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In addition, data in 2022 show that solar energy components in the United States are seriously dependent on imports, of which less than 5%from China, but more than 80%of products come from Chinese companies in Southeast Asia. USA sea freight

The announcement of the survey results and data has induced the impulse to abolish the Bayeng's government tariff exemption policy in the United States.

Solar energy is a key step in achieving the White House climate goals. The suspension of tariffs on tariffs is conducive to promoting the widespread use of solar energy in the United States. logistics

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, if the two -year tariff exemption is canceled, US solar developers may face a total of $ 1 billion traceable tariffs. The bill may also reduce 30,000 jobs and $ 4.2 billion in domestic investment.

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