The reason for the "strike" of the west port has been found? Workers restart their homework

Due to the shortage of labor, the two important ports of Los Angeles and Changtan Port on the west coast of the United States encountered a sudden shutdown on Thursday. According to people familiar with the matter, the workers appeared today, and the port began to restore homework.

In this regard, the Pacific Maritime Association alleged that the representative of the labor representative ILWU detained the labor force, which caused the port operation to stop. ILWU said that thousands of members of the union members participated in the monthly conference on the 6th, and the 7th day coincided with the Jesus' suffering day, only the labor shortage was made.

It is understood that last Thursday evening was the local monthly member meeting of the International Wharf and Warehouse Union (ILWU). They usually hold this meeting during the second work of the first Thursday every month. In order to grasp the initiative of more contract negotiations and get the latest information in a timely manner, many ILWU members attended the meeting that night. Different from negotiations in the middle of the way, the results were similar to the "stop working conference".

In fact, in recent years, disputes on labor negotiation negotiations on the West Coast of the West Coast and the port of ports have been existed, and the shipping volume of the Pier on Thursday has dropped sharply on Thursday. Earlier, the trade union strike caused by labor -organce disputes has threatened retailers, manufacturers and other importers, so they have to transfer more goods to the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico to avoid potential shipping chaos.

The latest data shows that the throughput of Los Angeles has decreased by 43 % in February this year. The loading and unloading volume of the container in the port is slightly lower than 489000 TEU. Compared with the average level of the Hong Kong in the past five years, it has decreased by about one -third, showing a comprehensive decline situation. Essence As for Changtan Port's container loading and unloading volume of 543675 TEU in February this year, compared with the same month last year, it decreased by about one -third. sea shipping

Long Beach Port and Los Angeles Port Authority recently confirmed that trade has slowed down, container throughput has declined sharply, and each port throughput has shown a significant decline. The hope of recent recovery is slim.

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