China Port Bullet! The latest global TOP30 container port ranking has been released

In 2022, thanks to the increase in throughput in the port of China, the overall throughput of the top 30 ports in the world has risen slightly slightly. However, throughput in Europe, mainland India and other parts of Asia generally declines. The throughput of the 30 major container ports in the world has increased less than 1%, and the driving force for growth is almost completely from China. The Middle East has also played a certain role in promoting. Despite the influence of the epidemic, the throughput of the top ten ports in China still increased by 4.1%in this year, reaching a new record of 222 million TEUs.

The latest global top 30 container port rankings

The top 30 other Asian ports -Singapore, Busan Port, Jilang Port, Tanjong Parapas, Kaohsiung Port, and Jakarta Port ranging from 0.5%to 6.5%. At present, the throughput of Karon, Kaohsiung and Jakarta Port has now fallen to the level of 2019.

Following the title of "the busiest port in the United States" last year, the monthly throughput of Los Angeles Port in 2023 decreased a significant decline. New Jersey, New Jersey in New York, has performed more than five months in the past eight months. It has surpassed the port of Los Angeles and has become the busiest port in the United States in the past eight months. According to the performance from 2023 to the present, the port has consolidated its new status as the largest port in the United States. ocean freight

Rotterdam, Antwerp -Brucean and Hamburg, the three major ports in Europe, also lost their status, with a total throughput of 5.8%, 5.5%, and 5.4%, respectively. The throughput of these three European ports is now lower than the level of 2019. Maritime

Without the growth of China's major ports, the total throughput of the first 30 ports this year will decrease by 2%.

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