The world's largest shipping alliance 2M announced the dissolution!

It is reported that Maski recently announced that after a thorough assessment, the Mediterranean Shipping Corporation (MSC) and Masky have agreed to terminate the 2M alliance and took effect since January 2025. Unless there is another agreement, all 2M networks are currently expected to change.

Since the two global leader in the world began to cooperate in 2015, the market has undergone tremendous changes, which has led to a disintegration of cooperative relationships.

In a joint statement, Masky CEO Vincent Clerc and MSC CEO Soren TOFT said: "MSC and Maski realized that the situation has undergone a lot since the two companies signed a 10 -year agreement in 2015. The termination of the 2M alliance will pave the way for the two companies to continue to pursue their respective strategy. "

"We are very grateful to the cooperation between the two parties and look forward to maintaining a strong cooperation within the remaining period of the agreement. We will continue to work to provide 2M alliance services for customers of MSC and Maersk."

According to reports, 2M is a container shipping company ship sharing agreement (VSA). It was launched by Maski and MSC in 2015 in 2015 to ensure that in Asia -Europe, Cross -Pacific and Cross -Atlantic trade, competitive and cost -effective business operations Essence The minimum period of the 2M Alliance Agreement is 10 years. If it is terminated, it is necessary to notify two years in advance.

In recent years, in addition to the tremendous changes in the market, Maski and MSC are also developing in different strategic directions.

MSC's goal is to achieve growth through a large number of ships, and its capacity growth rate is faster than any other shipping company. At present, MSC's existing fleet has a capacity of 4.631 million TEUs, ranking first in the world; order transportation capacity is 1.825 million TEU, far exceeding other ship companies.

Global shipping company capacity ranking TOP10

It is reported that Soren TOFT, CEO of MSC, said: "We will continue to strengthen and modernize our fleet to provide the most comprehensive overall ocean and short -distance shipping networks on the market."

Matsky maintained a stable capacity and focused on transforming into a comprehensive logistics company. Masky said that since the establishment of 2M alliances in 2015, its strategy has changed and the needs of customers have changed. Maski hopes to speed up becoming a comprehensive logistics supplier, connecting and simplifying the customer's supply chain.

In addition, for the termination of the cooperation between the two major shipping companies around the world, some analysts in the industry predict that this may trigger the Domino card effect.

Lars Jensen, founder of the shipping analyst and Vespucci Maritime, said: The dissolution of the 2M Alliance is the beginning of the reorganization of the main trade alliance in the East and West. What threats and opportunities will bring close attention to this move. "

He said that the joint statement of Maski and MSC should be regarded as the "first Domino brand" that has fallen in the next few years, and all other shipping companies are now forced to re -consider their position in the market.

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