The port worth millions of dollars is robbed

According to Reuters, the Chilean authorities said on Wednesday that they were investigating a violent robbery in Chile's major seaports, where criminals stole a dozen containers full of copper with Codelco belonging to Chilean state -owned copper giants.

Local prosecutor Juan Carlos Catalan said in a statement that 10 armed personnel entered the port of San Antonio, Chile in the early morning of Tuesday, attacked workers and stole 13 containers, of which 12 containers were equipped with copper.

Catalan said, "One guard and four workers were bundled and beaten by (attackers), and then they were closed." Workers notified the authorities after getting rid of the danger. Authorities are investigating and reviewing security videos, and they have not been detained any suspects.

Codelco said in a statement to Reuters that the copper was planned to be exported as plans and has been insured. Local media quoted police sources that these copper plates were worth about 4.4 million US dollars.

Chile San Antonio Port

In October last year, there were many robbery in northern Chile, and the authorities of the country blamed it on international criminal gangs. Police said the robbery may be done by local criminal gangs.

The local police captain Gonzalo Garcia told the media, "This is a gang who may work in San Antonio because we have other crimes similar to similar characteristics."

He added that this was a carefully planned robbery, involving multiple trucks. "They cut off the security camera. When the camera was cut off, the gang's other group of people immediately went in to intimidate the guards and workers."

According to reports, this is the largest bronze theft since there were many robbery in northern Chile last October. At that time, the Chilean government was forced to strengthen safety measures to transport electrolytic copper trains. logistics

Chile is the world's largest copper producer. This violent robbery has increased a lot of pressure on the country's transportation safety. Chile's mining companies have repeatedly complained about the behavior of professional gangs to steal copper mines.

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