The shipping price of Asia -Europe route rebounds, the freight price of Australia and New routes rises strongly

After the continuous decline in freight rates, the global marketing market has recently appeared in stability.

On December 16, the Shanghai Export Container Comprehensive Freight Index (SCFI) released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange was 1123.29 points, which narrowed to 1.3%, while the previous weekly decline reached 10%.

However, compared with 1306.84 points on November 18, it fell 14%. Compared with the high point of more than 5,000 points at the beginning of the year, it has fallen sharply by nearly 80%.

SCFI trend

It is worth noting that compared with the previous main routes of the main route, the freight rate of the main route has fallen sharply. In the past week, the European route market has shown signs of rebound, and the freight rate has also rebounded.

On December 16, Shanghai Port was exported to the market freight rate (shipping and shipping surcharges) from Shanghai Basic Port to $ 1050/Teu, an increase of 0.3%over a week ago. Previously, the shipping price of Asia -Europe routes even reached an amazing 20%.

Although the shipping price of Asia -Europe has a trend of decline, compared with $ 1172/TEU a month ago, the decline still declines more than 10%. Compared with the $ 7,500/Teu at the beginning of the year, the decline is as high as 86%.

Analysts of Shanghai Shipping Exchange analyzed that data released by the European Economic Research Institute (ZEW) showed that the euro zone ZEW's economic prosperity index in December was -23.6, which is a new high since February 2022, showing that the economic prospects have improved. Although the level of inflation continues to be at a high level, the inflation rate has begun to fall. In addition, the European energy market has been stabilized in the near future, and the downward pressure on the economy has eased.

At present, European transportation demand is stable, supply and demand relationship is basically balanced, and freight rates have risen slightly.

In contrast, the freight price of cross -Pacific routes is still in a downward channel. On December 16th, Shanghai Port exported to the west and East Basic port market freight rates (shipping and shipping surcharges) were $ 1423/Feu and $ 3169/Feu, respectively, down 0.5%and 3.7%from a week ago.

The Australian and Newer routes have emerged, and freight rates have risen for two consecutive weeks. On December 16th, Shanghai Port exported to Australia and Australia's basic port market freight (shipping and shipping surcharges) was $ 738/Teu, an increase of 4.7%from a week ago. The weekly increase of the week ago reached 17.1%.

Analysts of the Shanghai Shipping Exchange said that the demand for various materials in Australia and the New Zealand is generally stable. Some shipping companies have adopted measures such as controlling capacity to be launched to improve the supply and demand relationship, and the market freight rate has rebounded strongly.

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