Freight fell back to the rise point! The small peak season before the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival


The market freight rate has not stopped, and the US West Line and the European Line fell back to the rise in 2020. Before the Spring Festival, the small peak season for shipments may be "soaked in soup".

According to the latest data released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange on November 25, the Shanghai Export Container  Freight Index (SCFI) fell 76.94 points to 1229.9.9. The 28 -month low since late August 2020, and the main route freight rate has declined.

Among them, the freight rate of each FEU from the Far East to the Western Line fell 63 US dollars to $ 1496, a decrease of 4.04%. This is the first time that the US Western Line freight rate has fallen below the $ 1500 mark since late April 2020. The freight rate of each FEU from the Far East to the East Line fell 190 to $ 3,687, a decrease of 4.9%, and continued to reach a new low since August 2020.

The freight from the Far East to the European Line fell 72 US dollars to $ 1,100 per week, a decrease of 6.14%, which converged by 20%from the previous week, but it has also fell back to the rise in October 2020. The freight from the Far East to the Mediterranean Line fell 125 US dollars to $ 1842 per week, a decrease of 6.35%.

The SCFI index fluctuated at 800-1100 points between 2018-2019 and was affected by the epidemic since 2020. Essence However, since the second half of this year, the freight price has fallen in succession, and it has not yet seen a rebound. The industry expects that the shopping season at the end of the year may fall.

As the freight price has not stopped falling, the market pessimistic atmosphere is stronger. It is estimated that the global inflation pressure must be eased, and the demand for goods will begin to rise. Industry insiders predict that the era of high dividends in the container shipping market is over, and the operation of the shipping company will return to normal level in 2023.

Looking forward to 2023, in the environment of global high -inflation shadows, it is estimated that the consumption power will be slower next year. In addition, a large number of new ships will start the water delivery operation. Excessive capacity supply will pressure the subsequent freight rate.

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