Evergreen surpasses ONE to become the sixth largest shipping company in the world


According to the latest data from Alphaliner, a shipping consultancy, as of May 9, 2022, Evergreen Shipping's total shipping capacity reached 1,509,654TEU, accounting for 5.9% of the global shipping capacity.

According to Alphaliner data, Evergreen Shipping currently operates a total of 201 ships, including 122 self-owned ships and 79 leased ships. In addition, it has 65 newbuilding orders with a total capacity of 627,196TEU. With the successive deliveries of new ships this year, the overall capacity of Evergreen will continue to rise, and it is expected to increase by 15% to 20% by the end of the year.


According to statistics, Evergreen Shipping ranks among the top shipping companies in the capacity of new ships to be delivered this year. In 2022, the capacity of newly delivered container ships in the world is about 950,000 TEU, and Evergreen expects that the new capacity will reach 193,400 TEU this year, accounting for 20.4%.

After the new capacity is delivered this year, the total capacity of Evergreen will reach 1.7 million TEU, further widening the capacity gap with ONE, and will be close to Hapag-Lloyd, which ranks fifth.

With the continuous addition of new ships, Evergreen will continue to enhance its global competitiveness. It is reported that 80% of Evergreen's ships are less than ten years old, and most of them meet emission regulations. It is expected that their competitiveness will be enhanced after the implementation of the new carbon emission regulations. The Evergreen fleet has a relatively high proportion of ships equipped with desulfurization towers, enjoys the price difference between high and low sulfur oil, and is quite competitive in the era of high oil prices.

In addition, Evergreen's performance in the first quarter of this year hit a new high. On May 6, Evergreen announced the financial report for the first quarter of this year. The consolidated revenue reached NT$170.824 billion (approximately US$5.736 billion), and the after-tax profit reached NT$101.359 billion (approximately US$3.404 billion). billion Taiwan dollars.

As for the outlook of the shipping market this year, Xie Huiquan, general manager of Evergreen, pointed out that it is not easy for the annual freight rate to be small, and the shipping market is optimistic. It is reported that the long-term contract of the Evergreen US Line will take effect from May, and the freight rate of the new contract has doubled compared with last year. At the same time, new ships will be delivered in the second half of the year, which can supplement the market capacity, and the performance will continue to improve.

▎Top 100 Shipping Company Capacity Ranking

According to the latest data from Alphaliner, as of May 9, there were 6,361 active container ships in the world, with a total capacity of about 25.6 million TEU. Among them, the total capacity of the top three shipping companies accounted for 46.6% of the global market.

Among the top 100 shipping companies in the world, the top ten shipping companies are: MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Hapag-Lloyd, Evergreen Shipping, ONE, HMM, Yang Ming Shipping and Yixing Shipping.

The Chinese mainland liner companies on the list are: COSCO Shipping Lines (ranked 4th), SITC International (ranked 16th), Zhonggu Shipping (ranked 19th), Antong Holdings (ranked 21st), China United Shipping (ranked 1st) 23), Ningbo Ocean Shipping (ranked 31st), Sinotrans Lines (ranked 32nd), Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping (ranked 39th), Taicang Port Container Shipping (ranked 57th), Dalian Tradewind Shipping (ranked 60th), Tianjin Dalian Shipping Co., Ltd. General Shipping (ranked 83rd), Guangxi Hongxiang Shipping (ranked 96th).

The full list is as follows (click to enlarge):


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