84 ships and 500 seafarers stranded in Ukrainian port after container ship stuck for 2 months

According to the latest data from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), 84 ships and more than 500 seafarers are still stranded in Ukrainian ports after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

At a meeting of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee, Secretary-General Kitack Lim admitted that plans to establish a blue safe sea corridor for ships stranded by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict had failed to get off the ground. shipping rates

Kitack Lim said that although Russia had agreed to create safe passages for ships outside Ukrainian waters, mines and wrecks kept ships and seafarers stranded in the area.

"There are mines buried at port entrances, some port exits are blocked by sunken ships and cranes, and many ships have gone out to sea without enough crew," Kitack Lim told the conference.


Ukraine demands an end to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict before it can guarantee safe passage from its Black Sea and Azov ports. “With this in mind, our priority is to assist seafarers stranded in Ukraine,” Kitack Lim said.

Peter Adams, special adviser on maritime security, said 2,000 seafarers were stranded on 94 ships in Ukrainian ports following the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Now that number has been reduced to 84 merchant ships and 500 seafarers, with an estimated 1,500 returning home.

Peter Adams said that in many cases, local ship stewards were in place after seafarers returned home, and some ships had gone into cold layup without crew on board. shipping rates

Kitack Lim and the Director-General of the International Labour Organization have jointly sent a letter to the ICRC, Médecins Sans Frontières and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees requesting emergency assistance to deliver vital supplies to the stranded ships.

The IMO is also monitoring the most conflicted ports of Mariupol, Kherson and Mykolaiv. Peter Adams said the International Maritime Organization received reports this week of a missile attack on a ship in the port of Nikolaev.

In addition, at the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, a container ship "Joseph Schulte" (9400TEU) of Ocean Alliance loaded with Chinese cargo happened to berth at the Odessa terminal in Ukraine.

According to the data of the ship location website of Sohang.com, the container ship is still docked at the terminal and has been trapped for nearly 2 months. The ship has called at ports in my country such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shekou, etc. shipping rates

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