Overseas Marketing: Summary of Top 5 Content Operations in 2022


Content marketing is an important business for brands and sellers to attract potential customers. The right way to operate content is critical to a company's business development. Through a variety of operational strategies, companies can benchmark against competitors, produce reports, report on local events and introduce their own products.

This article will introduce the top 5 content operation ideas that cross-border sellers and content creators should pay attention to in 2022!

1. Contents of competing products

Last century, British military commander William Slim famously said: "When you can't choose between two courses of action, choose the bolder one."

Sellers and friends can determine competitors' popular content based on website traffic, and then use this as a benchmark to produce better content.

For example, if your product is positioned as a camping category, you may go head-to-head with REI, a well-known brand in this category. At this time, sellers can use data tools such as Ahrefs or Semrush to analyze, so as to understand the creative content form on REI's official website - a list of camping products - about 36,000 clicks per month on average. Therefore, the creative idea of combining the content presentation form with its own products can often make consumers' eyes shine, form a visual memory hammer in their minds, and enhance the brand recognition in the audience's heart.

2. Write business report

Format analysis reports on any topic or industry can be the focus of B2B content marketing, allowing brands to increase their engagement and dissemination of hot trends.

Consulting firms pioneered this type of content format, which resulted in citations and reprints from other content creators, which in turn shaped the status of information authorities in different industries. For example, the "State of Fashion 2022: an uneven recovery and new frontiers" published by McKinsey business consulting firm, once released, caused a thousand waves in the fashion industry. Layer waves.

The production process of the business report is as follows:

Identify suitable industry trends

Investigate a large number of respondents, more than 500 people, to ensure that the sample is large enough

Analysis of collected information and data

Writing reports

Publish and promote

3. Create local content

In theory, e-commerce sellers should focus on niche and local markets, even though they can go global.

For example, it would be more cost-effective to offer fast shipping to a customer nearby than to offer next-day shipping to a customer on the other side of the world.

With this in mind, e-commerce sellers may want to target potential customers near shipping facilities. Featuring local events, organizations and related topics, content creators can create different content presentations such as articles, videos or podcasts.

4. Learn to tell stories

E-commerce sellers can also tell brand and product stories through the different content presentation forms mentioned above.

Here are some famous examples from the shoe industry:

First of all, Ross Dwyer's "Behind Every Iconic Sneaker Is An Even Better Story" points out, "The performance table of a sneaker is like milk, which deteriorates over time. And then discarded and forgotten. But given the story and meaning behind the shoes, they become like fine wines, tending to become richer and more fulfilling over time, exhibiting a high degree of market power, and Add more value in the literal and cultural sense.”

5. Promotion of Brothers Day

May 24, 2022, is National Brother's Day in the United States. Similar to Mother's Day (May 8) or Father's Day (June 19), this holiday commemorates one of the most important human relationships.

For businesses, American Brotherhood Day could also be an opportunity. Merchants can use content marketing to introduce key people and strategic partners who influence their business and their industry. For example, merchants can show support for their friends by selling movie memorabilia or related licensed products in their online store.

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