Spaces are in desperate situation, freight rates are skyrocketing, and many plans for the first US F

-"Does the U.S. line have any space? Jianghu emergency."

-"Yes, there are, but now the space is very tight, and the price will be much higher."

-"As long as there is a space, nothing else is a problem."

During the epidemic, the demand for products from the backlog of goods and destination markets has increased sharply, which has led to a sharp increase in the market's demand for express services. The skyrocketing freight rate, and the lagging demand of shipowners' capacity and port unloading efficiency relative to e-commerce logistics, has caused chaos and increased risks in the U.S. first-haul shipping market in recent times.

How can we make our cabinets quickly and securely delivered to the consignee? Multiple transportation channels can be considered as appropriate based on the characteristics of the goods and customer needs. Put the eggs in different baskets, and pay attention to prevent and spread the transportation risks.
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Spaces are in desperate situation, freight rates are skyrocketing, and many plans for the first US F(图1)

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[Master Hua Dan-Mason Ship]

The first thing I want to introduce is Mason Ship. The protagonist of Mason is unparalleled in the e-commerce products of Meisen logistics.

With a US military background, self-operated docks, and high punctuality, it takes 11 days to depart from Shanghai to Long Beach under normal conditions. For sellers with high timeliness requirements and strong seasonality (such as fashion, high value-added categories), Mason Ships is even more difficult to find.

At present, the Mason CLX route uses 5 container ships that can carry 2,600 TEU containers on average. Mason has also added 5 CLX+ routes with an average capacity of 3,000 standard containers, providing a double-shift express route a week to meet customer needs for Sino-US shipping services.

It is just that Mason’s own terminal in Long Beach gives priority to unloading the cabinets of the regular ships. In addition, due to the shortage of unloading workers at the terminal, the unloading efficiency has dropped and the timeliness has become unstable.

Matt Cox, Chairman and CEO of Mason, predicted: "The strong demand for CLX and CLX+ routes will continue until the end of October."
Spaces are in desperate situation, freight rates are skyrocketing, and many plans for the first US F(图2)

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▍Regarding the high freight rates and risks of Mason

Because Mason’s own space and service are unique in the market, merchants with capital and resource advantages see this scene, hoarding and raising space prices are commonplace, which also makes sellers and peers who do not have the advantages of resources and funds fall into An embarrassing and miserable situation.

In addition, such as fake Mason real ships, Mason ships mixed with dangerous goods, and sensitive goods are practical difficulties that sellers must be careful to deal with.

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[Focus on cross-border e-commerce-Yixing Clippers]

Star Express focuses on cross-border e-commerce cargo transportation. It is known as the fastest freight service on the West Coast route and provides the fastest all-container freight service on the market.

Currently, Yixing is increasing the logistics of e-commerce cargo in the Asian shipping market. In March, Yixing added the Southeast Asia route ZX2 from Thailand, Vietnam, and Shenzhen to West America, which will go directly to Los Angeles in the US West in 12 days. In early May, it added the ZX3 between Central China and West America, which will go directly to Oakland in the West of America in 11 days.

Every week, there are exclusive berths reserved for Xingxing, as well as exclusive Xingxing frames, picking up goods, and unloading speeds are also increasing. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there is no need to worry about port congestion. It can be seen that there is not much difference from Meisen's aging.

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▍The difference between Yixing Clippers and Mason

The biggest difference between Yixing and Maison is the closing time and the port of call.

Maison Clippers currently call in Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, and Shenzhen customers need to pull goods to Shanghai and other ports, which takes 2 days on the way. Most of the shipments of South China Mason are closed on Saturdays. If you encounter customs declarations, it will be Thursday. The Star Clippers are a lot more convenient for customers in South China.
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【Yantian Clippers】

The route of the Yantian Clippers is basically the same as that of the Mason Clippers. The Yantian Clippers depart on four days, 3 natural days earlier than Mason, so the overall timeliness of each is not much different.

Yantian is not as fast as Mason, but the freight rate is lower than Mason, as one of Mason's alternative options.

When to choose air freight or express?

The timeliness requirements are not high and the cost-effectiveness requirements are high. Shipping is naturally preferred, but for businesses that require high timeliness, urgent shipments and replenishment, you can also choose air transport and express.
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Spaces are in desperate situation, freight rates are skyrocketing, and many plans for the first US F(图3)

【air transport】

Under normal circumstances, air freight is fast but expensive, but with the current shortage of shipping space, air freight is becoming the choice of more and more sellers.

On Amazon Prime Day in July, airlines carried a large number of test agents and vaccines, Apple shipped a large number of products across the country, and the three major couriers broke their warehouses. In addition, it is now the peak period of traditional air freight forwarding shipments. Selling to launch new products is also accelerating the clearing of backlogs. In order to increase the inventory turnover rate, many sellers also choose air freight.

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【International Express】

You can also choose international express for urgent goods or for replenishment, but pay attention to the differences in the soft environment of international express.

International express delivery is a very policy-oriented foreign-related activity, which needs to adapt to different laws and regulations of different countries. The cargo requirements are more complicated, and international express delivery prices and tariffs vary greatly. Therefore, carefully consult professionals and have good qualifications before adopting this mode of transportation. Logistics service providers to avoid risks.

One cabin is difficult to find, and the chaos in the logistics market will not change in the short term. There will be more and more sellers who will no longer simply transport goods at high prices, but will choose more diverse and reasonable transportation methods and consider high-quality services. The business is more suitable for their own logistics services.

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