Recent developments on the strike in Canada

Recent developments on the strike in Canada:

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) workers across the country may take action starting this afternoon unless they reach an 

agreement before the strike deadline. CBSA has more than 9,000 workers out of a total workforce of more than 11,000 who may 

participate in the action. This would include employees at airports as well as land and sea ports of entry. The union has set a 

deadline of 4 PM (Eastern time) today. If no agreement is reached by that time, the union says workers will take immediate action.

 Although the workers will strike, it does not mean that they will stop working. The CBSA said in a statement that about 90 percent 

of the workers represented by the union are identified as essential. This means they must continue to perform their duties, but can

 take part in operations outside of working hours. The relevant information will be updated when it is updated.

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