Amazon FBA warehouse GYR2 temporarily closed


Amazon FBA warehouse GYR2 temporarily closed

The Amazon GYR2 warehouse is located in Goodyear, Arizona, which is located in the southwest of the United States. It borders New Mexico 

to the east, Mexico to the south, and California and California to the westNevada borders Utah to the north. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona.

Amazon GYR2 is located at 17017 W INDIAN SCHOOL RD, ZIP code 85395-9223.

Recently, Amazon GYR2 will be temporarily closed for two days from May 8, 2024 to May 9, 2024, Amazon FBA US warehouse in addition to GYR2 

temporary closed warehouse, other Amazon popular warehouses such as: SMF3,

GYR3, VGT2, LGB8, LAX9, CLT2, FTW1 are also seriously out of storage, unloading time is more than 24 hours, especially GYR2 up to 48 hours, the 

background reception will be affected. Attention, Amazon sellers!


Amazon FBA warehouse GYR2 temporarily closed

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