Amazon's old link traffic declines? Try this optimization method

Amazon's link time has been decreased for a long time, and orders are reduced. This is a problem faced by many sellers. We try to analyze and optimize from these aspects.

1. Optimize promotion: Optimize the promotion method by optimizing the promotion method through the seven -day spike in the site, and increase the amount of traffic exposure and order volume. Increasing discount promotion outside the station is combined with the advertisements in the station to stimulate the increase in orders.

2. Analysis of competitive products: In -depth analysis and sales of competitors' data should be conducted, and the trajectory of sales is changed, using tool software to track the internal and off -site promotion and operation strategies of the station, find out the reasons for the stable sales of competitive products, and adjust the measures to improve.

3. Improve keyword rankings: Utilize the ranking of keywords to the homepage by using advertisements in the site. After the natural ranking stable homepage, gradually reduce ACOS and reduce relying on advertising orders.

4. Consider seasonal product seasonality: For seasonal products, periodic changes in traffic need to be predicted, and the operating strategy is flexibly adjusted according to the market trend. shipping freight

5. Developing new products: Optimization of old links is invalid. You need to consider whether old products are no longer suitable for market demand.

When dealing with the problem of insufficient old link traffic, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze it, adopt strategies in a targeted manner, and continuously optimize and adjust.

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