Which categories of Amazon are easier to explode?

What kind of product category is easier to order about Amazon? If we dig deep into the market, we can always find that there is a blue ocean market in the Red Sea. On what Amazon sells for you to defeat many competitors to achieve the problem of explosive orders, the selection of products is a university question. If a product does not have an explosive gene, it is useless to push for strong push. For each Amazon seller, it is very important to find the right product under this fierce competition.

Explosive models are generally divided into two categories: temporary outbreaks and continuous outbreaks. As a long -term seller, of course, he wants to find products that continue to demand and reduce the risk of thunder. Therefore, we must follow the following seven principles in the selection:

1. The product has popular keywords

2. The price is 20 ~ 50 US dollars

3. Choose daily practical models

4. The cost of logistics should be low

5. Try to avoid the red sea category

6. Optimize creative development products

Here are the recommended product categories: higher growth growth and suitable for the Home & Kitchen category that is suitable for sellers, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry category, Patio, Lawn & Garden category


Home & Kitchen Home Category

Home is a category that has always been hot. Many of them are necessities, such as paper towels, garbage bags, and towels are very hot products.

Because of the epidemic, the sales of households, especially office furniture, have also increased. Although the popularity is a bit back, there is no way to deny the development trend of gradually rising furniture products in the future.



Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry clothing jewelry category

Clothing and jewelry categories are also a relatively large category, but because there are more variants, it will also lead to serious pressure goods. It is not very suitable for novice sellers to enter. Of course, it is easier to meet customers' preferences.



Patio, Lawn & Garden category

Garden category is also a relatively good category, and it is a category that most people may ignore. Because most of the foreign countries are yard, and foreigners have strong hands -on ability, they like to do it by themselves. So this has been born a lot of such good categories. sea frieght


When do you need to try new categories

1. The category I currently do is already quite good. It is difficult to advance forward, or it takes too much energy and funds, and the input -output ratio is not high.

2. The market environment tends to be saturated, which is of great significance to further advance the original category. When the supply is far greater, trying some new categories may have better output.

3. Under the circumstances of all aspects such as their own funds, energy, and channels.

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