Amazon's "high return rate" label is here! Cross -category crit

The logistics thunderstorm incident at the Belgian Airport was shocked by sellers and freight generations. The appearance of the "Frequently Returned Items" label also caused a headache for sellers.

Once the "high return rate" label is implemented, a large number of sellers will face new problems, especially clothing sellers, and sales may decline significantly in the short term. The return rate of clothing categories is generally about 15%-25%, but many times are not quality issues, but problems such as size and style. Overseas consumers will also propose returns. Therefore Subdivication is higher, such as Tennis Skirt's return rate can reach 45%, and the return rate of Dance Skirt can reach 65%!


"High Returns" label appears one after another

Recently, some sellers broke the news that the Amazon platform has recently demonstrated Frequently Returned Items labels on some product pages. Related reports show that the first display "high return rate" label is the product of electric singers and dresses. The seller is sold on the third aspect and is responsible for distribution. In terms of consumer evaluation, these products have obtained the four -star rating (the highest is the highest is the highest is the highest is (the highest is the highest is the highest is Five stars).

It is understood that the "high return rate" label will appear on the details page of the product. The specific content of the display is "Regularly returned products: check the product details and customer comment to learn more about the product."

In fact, in March of this year, Amazon officials confirmed that the "high return rate" label will be launched, which also means that if the product return rate of the seller is too high, it will be monitored by Amazon. Amazon will calculate based on the historical sales data and buyer scores of the product. If the return rate is ranked 25%in front of this category, the details of the product will appear very attention to the "high return rate" label and be labeled. The difficulty of selling products by sellers will greatly increase.

Amazon spokesman said in an interview with the media, "We currently show the return rate information on some product details pages to help our customers make a more wise purchase decision."

Amazon said that both retailers and products sold by third -party suppliers, Amazon will evaluate the return rate separately and use the same method to determine which products to mark.

The Amazon platform has not revealed when the "high return rate" label will be launched on a large scale, nor does it disclose which sites will be launched outside the United States. The new products that have just been launched will not be affected by the label "high return rate".

However, this policy still triggers a large number of sellers, thinking that the Amazon platform is indirectly transferred and returned costs, allowing sellers to bear risks. Moreover, many sellers will face a sudden decline in sales in the short term. A senior seller pointed out that poor product traffic is getting less and less. The normal product higher than the average return rate will be monitored and labeled. If the return rate is far exceeding the average, the seller may have to plan whether to clear the goods in advance, otherwise After being labeled, it is difficult to clear it.


Clothing category may be the most impact

"Once the high return rate label is pasted, the product conversion rate may drop by 50%to 80%." The launch of this policy, many sellers are most worried about the significant changes in sales. After all, this label is a dozen. It is tantamount to the defect of the seller's self -explosion, telling consumers how bad their products are, and even make consumers think that products are likely to have serious problems such as false propaganda and crude production.

As soon as the "High Returns" label comes out, clothing sellers are the most mood. Although clothing categories are large in market, the degree of competition and business difficulty is much larger than other categories.

Hongyang, a seller of a women's clothing, told Hugo Cross -border that "return" was originally a consumer guarantee measure for e -commerce shopping. Consumers do not fit the clothes when e -commerce shopping, and encounter product quality problems. Objective reasons such as such are normal.

Amazon's current return policy allows customers to return the goods within 30 days after shipment, which is usually free. Unless the goods are considered to be unable to return the goods, such as some electronic equipment, customized products and groceries that are delivered for more than 30 days.

According to a survey report from the US Retail Federation, the amount of returns in the US retail market in 2021 reached US $ 761 billion, refreshing the historical record. In this year 18%. In an Emarketer's research report, it shows that the number of returns returns in the United States in 2022 increased by 9%year -on -year to 105.7 million, and in 2026 may increase to about 113 million.

However, once the Amazon platform is labeled on the "high return rate", the nature is different. "The return rate of clothing category is generally about 15%-25%, and it can be done well-20%. Consumers will definitely not place orders when they see this label. High, and more and more external factors are pushing the clothing rate of clothing. This label is too unfriendly for clothing sellers. "Hongyang said.

Data show that more than half of the US consumers choose to buy clothing online, and the return rate of clothing category is as high as 35%. Essence Other categories of clothing brands also said that among many platforms, Amazon's clothing category has the highest return.

Hongyang said that the return is not only affected by objective factors such as the quality, style, and size of the goods, but also restricted by the subjective factors of consumers. "Many overseas consumers will place multiple orders at one time, and then choose the most satisfactory after receiving the goods, and the rest of the return, let alone the return of passion -style shopping. This kind of return reason is unavoidable."

In addition to clothing categories, with the overall improvement of e -commerce scale, the return rate is becoming increasingly irreversible, and the categories of other product categories are difficult to avoid. In order to reduce the return rate, Amazon sellers must maximize product quality, objectively and accurate product description, upgrade product packaging, abandon rough product packaging, and finally, to avoid consumers who apply for returns after receiving the product, in addition to except Refined in the selection and promotion link, the most important thing is to appease consumers who are not satisfied with the product in time, thereby reducing the chance of return.

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