The cross -border market "soaring" recovers. In 2026, Europe may exceed 1.1 trillion US dollars

Go, go to sea.

Many brands have long regarded high -income European countries as the main battlefield for its international expansion. Although many cross -border e -commerce giants are rebounding from the recent economic recession, they continue to choose Europe as the next target market.

According to recent reports, Pinduoduo's cross -border platform Temujin plans to launch its British website at the end of March, and is currently actively recruiting merchants. Insiders also revealed that the platform is preparing to expand to other European countries. This marks that Mr. Temu has entered another market after the successful launch of the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and has become its starting point for its expansion to Europe. As the three major e -commerce giants in China, Alibaba, Pinduoduo and have recognized the potential of the European cross -border e -commerce market and are increasing their expansion in the region.

Although the European cross -border market has attracted the high -level investment and interests of e -commerce platforms and sellers, the reduction of market dividends and global inflation have caused many European sellers to be in trouble. In the face of these challenges, how do cross -border sellers break through? In the future, what new opportunities do we expect in Europe?

For 3 years, European cross -border e -commerce has continued to heat up

In the global cross -border e -commerce market, in Europe, the market development potential of 700 million people cannot be underestimated.

According to ECOMMERCEDB's latest European e -commerce trend report, in 2022, the European e -commerce market revenue was US $ 634 billion. At present, e -commerce has become an important economic department in most European countries/regions. As of 2022, it has about 523 million active users of e -commerce, and an average of 62%of consumers use online shopping channels.

At the same time, compared with the winter of last year, the European market strongly "empty" economic emotions, recently Europe is quietly experiencing a round of warming. According to the European Macroeconomic Report issued by Oriental Securities, the winter of 2022-2023 is a warm winter for Europe, which relieves the energy crisis on the demand side. At present Began to show a warming trend.

Take Britain, one of the four European economies as an example. Despite the continued decline in inflation and the relaxation of epidemic control policies, the demand for online shopping in the UK this year is still strong. It is expected that the entire cross -border market will continue to expand. The British population is less than 700,000, and has an impressive 95%of the Internet penetration rate and 87%of the e -commerce penetration rate, making it a market leader of scale.

In addition, according to FISWORLDPAY's forecast, by 20 years, more than 2024%of the British shopping will be completed online, and online consumer expenditures will reach £ 26.4 billion. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate from 11 years to 2021 will reach 2025%, exceeding the average growth rate of 10%of the world.

This trend is not limited to Britain, but it occurs throughout Europe. According to Statista's "2022 e -commerce report", European online sales revenue is expected to increase by nearly 30%year -on -year to nearly 202.3 billion pounds by 797, higher than £ 202.2 billion in 702. By 2026, the total market is expected to exceed 1.1 trillion US dollars, making it a strong competitor in the field of cross -border e -commerce.

The place where "soldiers must fight", it is not easy to go to Europe in Europe

The competition in the European cross -border e -commerce market has become increasingly fierce, and the addition of some Chinese e -commerce giants has changed the market pattern. Although brands, products and channels are very important, from a brand point of view, 2022 will be a year for brand owners to compete for high net worth sellers and consumers. Therefore, the future trend is branding, and sellers need to increase product premium and profit space by establishing specific brand values and consumer emotional connections. Logistics is the key to the brand's overseas. It is very important to choose a reliable logistics service provider. Xiangcheng International Logistics is a good choice.

From a product perspective, there will be many business opportunities in the next Q2 quarter, such as Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Amazon Prime Member Day. In terms of selection, in addition to the popular categories of spring and summer, such as garden gardening, clothing, shoes, electronic products, individual health, sports outdoors, festivals and other related products will also drive a wave of sales growth. In addition, there are many small categories of small categories, which can continue to be dug.

It is worth mentioning that the popularity of "environmental protection and sustainable" related products in Europe has continued to rise. Of course, on this basis, sellers with more preferential prices will win the favor of consumers.

In terms of channels, most Chinese sellers currently choose the model of independent stations and multi -platform operations. For cross -border sellers, there are a large number of social media users in the European market. This is a potential customer base that cannot be missed. It can use the influence of the Internet to increase the brand awareness. It should be noted that online celebrity marketing needs to pay attention to the uniqueness and quality of content.

In addition, logistics is an important part of cross -border overseas. According to SenDCloud's survey, most European consumers choose to shop on the e -commerce platform is their logistics services, including fast delivery, free delivery and return and exchanges. However, the probability of European logistics delay is very high, which put forward higher requirements for the ability to integrate and end -to -end distribution of logistics service providers.

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