What is Amazon feedback and evaluation management tools?

Managing customers' feedback (feedback), evaluation, and inquiry information are critical to your daily Amazon operation. As your Amazon business increases, the workload required for evaluation management will increase. In this article, let's take a look at the value of Amazon's evaluation management tools. These tools can help you simplify review management and customer relationship maintenance work, and improve your product transformation opportunities and customer satisfaction.

What is the Amazon evaluation management tool?

Amazon evaluation management tools are a software solution. Amazon sellers and VC suppliers can use it from motion monitoring, reporting, and response to customer feedback. Different tools will have different functions, but the usual functions basically include:

• Real -time reminders of new product evaluations, such as email notifications.

• Can create custom filters, sort options and comment views

• Customized response.

• Analysis and insight, and provide insights on customer satisfaction driving factors.

The needs of some individual sellers may be different due to the scale and sales scope of their product portfolios, but they can benefit from customer satisfaction insights and automated artificial processes even their smallest sellers. After reading this article, you can find and choose a third -party evaluation management tool for you.

Why is Amazon's evaluation important?

Before discussing the advantages of Amazon's evaluation management tools, we should briefly explain why evaluation is such an important topic for Amazon sellers. Customer evaluation is an indispensable part of Amazon's shopping process, because it provides valuable information for Amazon, and at the same time determines the product ranking, and it also provides valuable information for potential customers to decide whether to buy. For the seller itself, customer evaluation is the first source of information for people's satisfaction with your product.

How does Amazon use evaluation?

The customer's evaluation of your Asin will have two indicators. Amazon's algorithm will evaluate the number and score of its evaluation when determining the ranking of the product. In addition, the number of evaluations can also be compared with the number of product sales, and provides Amazon to provide customers with a percentage of reserved reviews.

Simply put, more evaluation and higher schedules are positive signals, which will increase the possibility of your Asin rising in the natural ranking.

How do consumers use evaluation?

Customer evaluation of the display on Amazon is very prominent. Shoppers can see the number of evaluations in the natural search results and many different types of advertisement, including product promotion and display promotion advertisements. This information helps shoppers decide whether to click on a certain product. Therefore, considering the indicators, the scoring is an important factor in the click -through rate of the click -through rate (whether it is a natural search or an advertisement).

The interaction between customers and evaluation is not over after clicking the details page. According to the characteristics of shopping (price, category, product type), shoppers often read several evaluations on the product details page to try to better understand whether the product is suitable for them. They may also be evaluated by different products before choosing which products to buy. In this way, Amazon's customers use the ability to quantitative and qualitatively evaluated at the same time.

How does Amazon seller use evaluation?

For Amazon sellers, customer evaluation should not only be regarded as a task that needs to be managed. Evaluation can help the customers who like (or do not like) your products, including the following aspects: the following aspects:

• You can make sure that the information on your product details page is clear, and customers understand what they buy.

• You can determine the pain points of customers and use these pain points to help shape future product decisions.

• You can measure any change you have made and check whether the results are in line with expected.

In addition, customer evaluation is an opportunity for you to talk to your audience. A well -managed Amazon company will regularly communicate and promote the satisfaction of its customers. From the time to respond to customer concerns to focusing on improving the overall customer experience, it is crucial to maintain your customer relationship on Amazon.

"Our research shows that compared with the order of the information after more than 24 hours, the negative feedback received by the order of recovery information within 24 hours is less than 50%."

——Amazon buyer-seller information service

Use Amazon Feedback Management Tools

Any operators who have obtained a lot of sales on Amazon will soon realize that Amazon evaluation obtained in real -time monitoring needs to invest a lot of resources. Therefore, evaluation management tools are a good way to ensure that you interact with customers on Amazon.

If it is effectively used, evaluating management tools can ensure that you create and maintain a good customer reputation, and also help attract future potential customers, enhance the popularity of nature, and finally help you promote new sales.

Here, we will take a look at several common functions of Amazon's evaluation of management tools and explain what benefits they bring to your business.

Evaluation reminder

If you use tools, it means that you can receive an instant notice of each new product evaluation, then you can respond immediately. The bad review will have a negative impact on your sales, and the seller should respond as soon as possible to reduce the damage of negative evaluation. With automated software, you can stop searching for the entire product evaluation, and start receiving updates in time when new evaluation releases. Users who evaluate the management tools can better control their reputation on Amazon and respond to the evaluation-whether it is positive or negative-wasting time to search them.

According to the number of evaluations you received, you may hope that the filter alert will give priority to the low score evaluation, or integrate your alarm with other internal order systems. The complexity required will depend on your situation, but the new evaluation is automatically reminded and can take action immediately. No matter how large or small your product portfolio is, its value is unquestionable.

Custom screening

Whether you manage 100 or 10,000 Asin, the organization and classification of your evaluation and received problems are very important, and how to start based on the most important content of your business. A good evaluation management tool should allow you to screen the evaluation according to attributes such as labels, brands, product categories, sites, and scores. This will help you determine the priority of the daily workflow and effectively manage your evaluation to improve customer satisfaction.

Customized reply

For a customer who raises reasonable issues, receiving a reply obviously a standardized template may be a frustrating experience. In some cases, this may even be worse than not receiving any reply.

By customizing your reply, you can show your customers' unique needs and feedback on their unique needs. This has a better impression than the pre-designed email with universal language-this is your most direct conversation with your customers. Other functions of evaluation management tools may include the ability to mark dialogue and alert when the existing evaluation is updated or revised.

Feedback analysis

Effectively obtaining data from evaluation is a prerequisite for evaluation and analysis. This includes more in -depth research from high -level indicators such as evaluation status and trend of all products to more in -depth research on specific ASIN data. Analysis panel can summarize and track the brand, category, site, or other levels, and provide valuable insights for your operators.

Some evaluation management tools will allow you to create panels directly and integrate other data sources. Other detailed information, such as the historical data of all your evaluation and problems, can also be analyzed for content creation, advertising and marketing activities, or reviewing and managing product quality.

Learn how to get more Amazon customer evaluation

Amazon's evaluation management tools are a good way to monitor and respond to the evaluation. But what if your task is working at this stage? This may be a real challenge for sellers, and it is a complete topic in itself. Regarding this topic, you can try to use the Amazon VINE program.

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