How to be correct, reduce the necessary advertising costs? How can you teach you?

No word, as the name suggests, deny certain keywords, don't let your advertisements appear on the advertising position of certain words. The logic is also very simple, that is, telling the advertising system that I do not need these unsteady traffic, and do not need the advertisement of this word. I hope that these traffic will not appear on my advertising position. amazon logistics

This operation believes that it is no stranger to every Amazon seller. Because this action can help sellers save some unnecessary advertising costs.

Whether it is an automatic advertisement or a manual advertisement, there will always be some words that are not transformed or transformed, so these words need to be denied at this time to avoid them from income more advertising costs. According to the sellers they are in contact, observing their advertisements for a whole year of advertising reports, some advertising costs such as non-conversion account for 10-15%of the advertising cost, which is also a small cost for sellers.

Therefore, how to minimize the cost of this area, saving more costs is also a matter of attention for many sellers.

Negative mode

The negative mode is divided into negative phrases and accurate negatives, but novice sellers can easily confuse the matching mode of the two.

Negative word groups: negate the long -tailed word of the same phrase and the same sequence, and do not deny the form of phrases with a upside -down sequence. That is, when the buyer searches the phrases containing this negative keyword, the search results will not match your advertisement. For example, your product is a "charging treasure". If you deny the word "5000 mAh", buyers will not show your product if you search for "5000 mAh charging treasure".

Negative accuracy: When the seller denys a keyword, when the buyer searches the keyword, then your advertisement will not appear on the related page at this time.

The difference between the two is that the negative phrases are more restricted to the scope of search, and it is also easy to deny some accurate flow words and intercept the traffic required by the seller. Therefore, the negative word group should be used more cautiously for sellers, especially for a single keyword. Negative accuracy is more accurate and accurate to keywords, not easy to kill, and does not affect the traffic of long tail words such as keywords.

It should be noted that the matching method of negative words is wrong, and it is easy to reduce the exposure and conversion rate of ads.

What keywords need to be denied

After the advertisement runs for a while, the seller usually needs to download the advertising report to analyze. If some keywords have a lot of exposure and a lot of clicks, but the conversion brings is rarely, almost zero. Then the seller needs to negate these keywords with low return on investment.

1. High exposure, high click, low or non -conversion words, can be accurately denied

Second, words that are not related to product attributes or words that are not related to the use of the product, such as using a keyword to search at the front desk, you are not searching for similar products, you can deny it.

3. Unrelated negative words derived from copywriting

Fourth, ACOS is too high, but to divide the situation. If you contribute a lot of sales and negate the word that is likely to lose the single quantity, then this word will not be denied; if the sales and orders are brought about.

These points suggest that the seller can refer to the choice of not the word, depending on the situation of his product. If it is a new product, it is not recommended to do too much negation first, you can observe first. Because if you do too much at the new product period or the product are still doing too much in promotion, it may affect the exposure of the entire link. shipping cost

Other keywords with brand prefix can also be not. There are also negative words that have not been transformed several times, and it is denied so fast. Sometimes it is easy to deny words with strong correlation.

Therefore, when the seller conducts advertising analysis and optimization, it must have a certain amount of data as a basis for judgment. Too few times, the data with too small bases is not explained and does not have reference significance. Therefore, sellers in advertising should not be too anxious.


We know that the premise of creating advertising is that related factors such as Listing, pictures, keywords are optimized to open, otherwise the advertising data will only run worse and worse. Therefore, when doing keyword matrix, the seller needs to organize the negative thesaurus in advance, and wait for the keywords of the negative thesaurus to the negative thesaurus when creating an advertisement.

Note that when the word is not word, you must add it to the advertising group. Do not add to the advertising activities, and do not add negative words to the double -layer of advertising activities and advertising groups. This will lead to the "omissions", which will cause negative words to be clicked; pay attention to the rules of adding negative words, such as only 1W negative words, then if you have more than 1W negative words? Choose priority to add a negative word with high frequency words, and at the same time, the irrelevant negative words derived from the copywriting must be denied in time.

If most of the words running out of the automatic advertisement are not related to your product, then there is definitely a problem with the listing copy. At this time, how can you deny that the keywords are useless, because this is your copywriting problem, not the problem of your copy. Advertising problem. This requires you to re -optimize the copy, and then advertise again.

Hope today's content can help you!

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