Hurry up! Hundreds of sellers were frozen funds for Christmas explosion infringement

At the time of the Christmas season, while the seller is waiting for the explosion, a group of infringement cases have come to face, especially Christmas explosives, which have become infringing and disaster -stricken areas. The dream of funds may be broken. What are the infringements worthy of attention this week and look at it with Hugo cross -border.


The elf on the shelf bookshelves

The elves on The Elf on the Sheld are an IP image, which belongs to CCAANDB, LLC, and the full name Creatively Classic Activitiesand Books, LLC, which is the twin sisters Chandaa.bell and Christa Pitts and their mother CAROLELEBEREBEREBER TEAL TOEIC The company founded in 2005, its main product is the peripheral products of The Elfonthe Sheelf.

The Elf On the Shelf originated in the children's story book of the same name in 2005. The elves come from the Arctic to observe whether the child is obedient for "surveillance" for the child and perform well. The ELF On the Sheld is hot -selling on the Christmas season of the Christmas season every year.

At the Amazon US station, searching for "The Elf on the Shelf" can find a lot of related products. In the plush toy category, The Elf on the Shell has the top of the BEST SELLER list, which shows its popularity.

In November this year, the brand Fang CCAANDB, LLC launched rights protection in Georgia, USA. It is reported that many sellers have received frozen emails and were frozen for loans.

The ELF On the Shelf is the main trademark, registering large categories involving dolls, books, accessories, etc. It is worth noting that the elves on the bookshelf also have copyrights. If related pictures or similar products and images are published, it is also very easy to be stared at by the law firm.

Judging from the list of disclosed defendants, sellers from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and other places have been affected, and most of them are in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is recommended that seller friends self -check the speed. If there are similar products, remove the shelves as soon as possible.


Harry Styles Harry Stels

Harry Styles, a singer from London, England, is also a member of the songwriter and actor, a member of the British men's group One Direction. He became famous in the 2010 British "X -factor" TV competition show. In 2017, his first album "Harrystyles" was released. This album was highly evaluated, ranking first in the rankings of many countries including the United States. In 2021, Harry Stels won the 63rd Grammy Best Pop Singer Award.

At the Amazon US station, you can search for some Harry Styles products, which are mainly peripheral products such as pillows and backpacks. One of the books ranked first in the "Lifestyle Photography" category.

Brand Fang Harrystyles GBC has a complaint in Illinois, USA.

It is understood that the singer's name Harry Styles has been registered as a trademark, and there is risk of infringement without authorization.


Table and chair socks chair Socks

Chair Socks table and chair socks are a product owned by The Pencil Grip, Inc..

The Pencil Grip, Inc. It is a company in California in the United States. The Pencil Grip, a product of the same name, was invented by Dr. Lois Provda, a well -known education therapist, and was committed to providing educational resources for parents, teachers and therapists. Thirty years later, The Pencil Grip has developed hundreds of unique and innovative products for families, schools and offices.

On December 9, The Pencil Grip, Inc. Entrusted Kener Law in Illinois in the United States sued the infringement seller. Many sellers' accounts are frozen. According to the public complaint documents, the Pencil Grip, Inc. 491 sellers sued.

It is worth noting that the brand name The Pencil Grip is already a registered trademark and cannot appear on Listing. In addition, the brand also has other registered trademarks, such as text and graphic trademarks, and text trademark Chair Socks is registered in 20 types of home furnishings. The product of the same name The Pencil GRIP pencil is particularly high in sales on each platform. Seller friends cannot be used directly without authorization. Pay attention to lightning protection.


Jawzrsize facial exercise

Jawzrsize facial exercise is an Internet celebrity product. This facial muscle exercise can drive more than 50 chewing muscle groups on the neck and chin, like chewing a huge bubble sugar, and continuously chew it through a certain period of time. Essence

Brand Fang Jawzrsize, LLC Law Foundation Saper Law of Fices, LLC claims in Illinois, USA.

Text trademark Jawzrsize, registered in the 28 type of fitness equipment. In addition to the title, the use of related trademarks should be avoided in product introduction and packaging.

In addition, the seller needs to focus on the issue of copyright infringement, because the plaintiff has also registered the copyright of product introduction copywriting, product pictures, and store copywriting, which means that the seller cannot use the brand's product introduction copywriting, video, and how to use it, let alone use it. Its product promotional picture.

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