Amazon's net profit in the third quarter decreased by 9%year -on -year. Tiktok Shop British Station launched pet products


Amazon's net profit in the third quarter decreased by 9% year -on -year

Amazon released the company's third quarter financial report. The report shows that Amazon's net sales in the third quarter was US $ 127.101 billion, an increase of 15%compared with the US $ 110.812 billion in the same period last year, and the impact of the exchange rate change was 19%year -on -year; net profit was 2.872 billion US dollars, and last year last year The net profit of US $ 3.156 billion in the same period decreased by 9%compared to the US $ 0.28 per share. In contrast, the diluted income per share of the same period last year was $ 0.31.

Wal-Mart WFS logistics service has covered 80%-90%of goods

According to the news on October 27, 80-90%of the goods in Wal-Mart's search results were distributed by its WFS logistics service. Wal-Mart has been promoting the delivery business to WFS in the past few years.

For example, when searching for "wireless headphones", the first page listed 50 results, of which more than half (33 pieces) were sold by third -party sellers, and the rest were sold by Wal -Mart. Among these 33 sellers, 28 have used Wal -Mart's logistics services (WFS) for delivery.

SHOPIFY's third quarter revenue of $ 1.366 billion

The Canadian e -commerce platform SHOPIFY released the third quarter financial report of 2022 as of September 30. According to the financial report, the total revenue of Shopify in the third quarter was US $ 1.366 billion, a year -on -year increase of 22%. On the basis of three years, the average annual growth rate was 52%, and the market expected 1.338 billion US dollars; net loss of $ 158.4 million, and last year last year The net profit of the same period was 1.148 billion US dollars, and the market expected loss was US $ 348 million. After diluting, the loss per share was US $ 0.12. The income per share was $ 0.90 in the same period last year, and the market expected loss was $ 0.27.

Shopee is the most popular e -commerce platform in Indonesia's national online shopping festival

"2022 Harbolnas (National Online Shopping Festival) SHOPPING Spree" report is based on a survey of men and women aged 18 to 55 in Indonesia. Consumers' shopping preferences and behaviors. shipping

The report shows that 84%of the respondents said they were shopping during Harbolnas, mainly interviewees of 26-35 years old. The interviewees who do not shop are mainly young people aged 18-25. In terms of the choice of e -commerce platform, 90%of the respondents chose Shopee, ranking first in the proportion; followed by TOKOPEDIA (66%), Lazada (34%), Bukalapak (15%) and JD.ID (14 %).

Egyptian food grocery B2B e -commerce MAXAB completes $ 40 million in Series B financing

Food grocery B2B e -commerce and distribution platform MAXAB, which provides traditional retailers for Egypt and Morocco, has recently announced the completion of $ 40 million in Series B financing. Investors include Disruptad, ADQ, British International Investment (BII) and the headquarters located in Menlo Parker. Private equity company Silver Lake, etc.

Tiktok Shop British Station launched pet products

According to media reports, Tiktok Shop British (Tiktok Shop UK) launched pet products on its platform, and users can purchase pet care products through their retail partners. British shoppers can now purchase pet foods, accessories, snacks and supplements from brands such as Mars Petcare, Nestlé Purina and Lily's Kitchen through Tiktok Shop. In addition, other pet care retailers include Herbal Dog Company, PatchPops Boutique, and Lords and Labradors.

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