What changes have taken place in logistics services under the boom of cross -border e -commerce?

Benefiting from China's cross -border e -commerce B2C industry to enter large -scale growth and the rapid development of Chinese export companies, the demand for cross -border e -commerce logistics services has grown rapidly. At the same time, due to the fragmentation of cross -border e -commerce logistics demand, high transportation frequency, strict timeliness, logistics costs higher than general trade logistics, cross -border e -commerce logistics services have become an important driver for China's cross -border logistics service growth in 2022 force.

Under the rapid development of cross -border e -commerce, the cross -border e -commerce logistics industry is prosperous. In 2021, the scale of cross -border e -commerce B2C export logistics service market reached 352.8 billion yuan, and the average annual compound growth rate from 2017 to 2021 reached 35.6%. The epidemic -driven global consumption demand has accelerated to online, and the import and export of cross -border e -commerce has maintained rapid growth, bringing a new round of development dividends to the Chinese cross -border e -commerce logistics service industry.

Independent station or the main e -commerce platform model

B2C export cross -border e -commerce can be divided into independent stations and e -commerce platforms according to the type. Independent stations are the mainstream e -commerce models overseas. Compared with e -commerce platform stores, although the operation is more difficult, it is wider after maturity. Growth space. In the different models of B2C cross -border e -commerce logistics, it has a dedicated overseas logistics line and has relatively obvious advantages. Defense International Logistics has a special line from China to various countries in Europe and the United States, providing a full tracking and intimate service from the doorstep to the door of the house. Click here to get the latest preferential quotation form!

Intelligent diversification application is more extensive

In the field of logistics, as intelligent and automated equipment has been widely used in the logistics industry, these innovative logistics technology transforms traditional cross -border logistics labor dense industries into innovative foreign exchange industries and releases the high dependence of logistics to manpower to manpower. , Use intelligent sorting, track throughout the whole process, and achieve seamless connection of each link. Defense International Logistics adopts advanced technologies to provide you with a worry -free and high -quality service from transportation to delivery, improve the efficiency and quality of customer orders out of the warehouse, and better empower China to create sea.

Defense international logistics, open up "more and benefited" special line logistics channels for cross -border e -commerce, open up a multi -choice of a country, and better serve the personalized needs around customers. Exquisite business team, customer service team, processing center team, and technical team to provide customers with good services and cargo safety guarantee throughout the process.

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