The main product image is forbidden to be displayed, and it is useless to modify it more than ten times in a row. What should I do?

Last weekend, I received a private message from a seller friend for help. Considering that other sellers may also encounter similar problems, I am going to share the solution, and everyone can collect them for emergencies.

Let's look at the problem first:


The newly created listing of the clothing category has been tried a dozen times before and after, but the main product image is always prohibited from being displayed. During the period, I tried to open a case. Although Amazon customer service reported that it was a problem with the main image, there was no specific optimization plan.

In addition, when communicating with me, this little friend also mentioned that in order to make the main image of his product more competitive than other products of the same type, he tried to add some decorative elements to the main image of the product.

Corresponding solutions:

First, check whether the main image of the product you uploaded meets Amazon's platform requirements. According to the product main image upload regulations previously released by Amazon, the products uploaded by sellers must meet the following requirements: ①Use a pure white background; ②It must be the actual picture of the product; ③No text, logo or watermark; ④The product must be displayed accurately and only Display the products waiting to be sold; ⑤ The product should occupy about 85% of the space of the picture; ⑥ Models can be used, but no other items other than products are allowed on the model; ⑦ The picture must match the product name; ⑧ The recommended resolution is 1600X1600 pixels , not less than 1000X1000 pixels, but not more than 10000X10000 pixels; ⑨ must be in JPEG, TIFF or GIF format, it is recommended that sellers use JPEG format

Combining the above problem description, it can be seen that this seller's partner has a high probability of violating Article 4 of the basic requirements for uploading the main image of Amazon's product. Many sellers themselves do not use professional image design software such as PS, and the connected artists may not be very clear about the specific requirements of the main image of the product. Therefore, before designing and producing the main image, both parties must communicate in detail. For example, the first requirement above - using a pure white background (RGB color number: 255, 255, 255) is one of the most common mistakes novice sellers and novice artists make. When we encounter the problem that the product main image is prohibited from being displayed, we must carefully check whether our product main image meets Amazon's requirements.

The second is to judge the possible bugs of the system algorithm. For example, the main image of the product we uploaded at the beginning was prohibited from being displayed because it did not meet the basic requirements of Amazon, and was also marked as non-compliant. If we do not make adjustments, or only make minor adjustments and re-upload, then It will cause the product main image to fail to upload multiple times. It is recommended to re-optimize the product as required, save it as a new file, and then upload it after discovering that the main image of the product is prohibited from being displayed.

Of course, from my personal experience and the opinions shared by other sellers before, adding decorative elements to the main product image has a certain element of luck in the review process. However, even if the upload is successful now, it may be detected by Amazon in the later stage, and the display will be prohibited. In general, it is best to stay within the specified range (white background map + product, no modification), which is the safest, time-saving and trouble-free approach.

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