Amazon's new products, how to safely and compliantly report off-site promotion?

A question will be raised in many seller groups: Can new products be made off-site? Of course you can, and many of the top 20 new products are likely to get good rankings through off-site promotion. How to let new products get a certain amount of traffic and sales through the off-site, it is very necessary for us to understand these rules and instructions.

For new products, when can they be reported outside the station?

Conclusion: When there are natural orders every day, you can consider reporting outside the station.

Reason: The new product has just been put on the shelves for 2 days, and there are no sales, no evaluation, and no ranking. It is not recommended to report directly to the site, because it is easy to receive a warning from Amazon because of the explosion of orders outside the site in a short period of time. This may be on the shelves. Time and sales speed are not directly proportional.

Precautions for new products outside the station

1. Can use authoritative links, social media links or DP short links or background tools to generate landing pages

2. The discount should not be too big. For the first time, you can make the product 40% OFF-50% OFF

3. Use CODE/COUPON to display in the foreground


4. If the account is blocked due to reporting outside the station, it can be appealed back normally.

You can submit ASIN, CODE, report, reasons outside the site, and the data information recorded in Facebook group postings to Amazon for review, so that you can appeal back.

5. When arranging off-site, please do not set or mention to Buy one get one

Do not use the following links to report off-site activities

1. Two-step URLs

Commonly known as keyword links, two-step URLs entice buyers to purchase products through a two-step URL by duplicating a search for a specific keyword, as if they purchased a product through a keyword search. For example: (then the keyword). Such off-site promotion links can help improve keyword rankings.

2. Super URLs

is a way of linking directly to a listing on an Amazon product page, done by creating a URL that replicates specific parameters designed to show Amazon the exact source of the click, attribute off-site sales to organic sales, Helps to improve the ranking of listings.

3. Funnels

The general meaning is to guide buyers to perform a series of operations through a large traffic window, and finally guide buyers to product listings to achieve the purpose of sales.

4. Treasurehunts

A promotion at a discounted price for a certain period of time, and then giving the buyer another product. Like Taobao swiping, many sellers who swipe will build a product link and give it away for free in the form of promotions to increase sales.

5. Search-find-buy

It is also a violation to guide buyers to enter the keywords required by the product in the search bar outside the site, and find the buyer's listing on the results page. Buying a product is also a violation. For example, you promote your products on social media, but you do not provide links directly, but tell buyers how to find their products to buy through the search function on Amazon; or through emails or after-sales cards, tell buyers how to pass Search the way to find your own products and buy them.

For more off-site knowledge, please pay attention to me. I am a professional off-site and have my own off-site promotion ideas and resources. Welcome off-site newcomers and operators to add me to share and make progress with each other.

Finally, I wish you all a great sale in 2022!

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