Amazon FBA Cargo Packaging Standards

Amazon FBA has requirements for the size and heavy-weight packaging of the goods in the warehouse. Sellers can refer to the following matters when sending FBA to avoid the goods being rejected due to size, weight, packaging and other issues.

The following introduces the packaging requirements for FBA goods.

1. Use standard six-sided carton packaging.

2. Do not use damaged shipping boxes (partially or entirely damaged) or polluted cartons (large areas of the periphery are painted) to package goods.

3. Do not use biodegradable packaging (titanium dioxide packaging) to package goods.

4. Do not use soft and easily damaged cartons, the packaging must be strong enough to withstand any external pressure during the transportation of goods.

5. The filler in the carton should not be filled with loose materials (such as foam or shredded paper). The filler should be made of materials that can be accepted by Amazon.

6. When using reusable cartons, make sure that the box flaps are intact.

7. Do not use large staples or nylon fiber tape to fix or seal the carton.

8. When a variety of cargo boxes are transported, do not use packing tapes, elastic bands or other belts to bind the cartons.

Packaging Standards

9. Do not add fillers, protective plates, cardboard and other operations on the periphery of the carton.

10. Unless the size of the carton of a single piece of goods exceeds the standard, the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm;

11. Do not send cartons with the same size as the pallet size.

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