There is a coup for dealing with malicious hoaxing, have you learned it?


Amazon announced that the 2022 Amazon Prime Day will be held in July this year, and the event will cover more than 20 Amazon sites around the world. Including Chinese sellers, Amazon's global third-party sellers will send Amazon's more than 200 million Prime members around the world with great discounts covering various products. The more important the event is, the lesser it is to take listing security lightly. The biggest threat to listing security is malicious hijacking. Malicious hijacking means that one’s own products are directly sold on the links of similar competing products. The price of robbing your buy box and letting your sales drop directly to the bottom is equivalent to your hard work, not only investing in manpower, material resources, and financial resources. The fruits of labor, especially in major events, malicious hoaxing is a deadly existence, so how to ensure the safety of our listings, and what should we do when the goods are hoisted? Then we will talk about how to deal with or how to take precautions when you encounter hijacking and if you find that there are many hijackings in the category you are in!

01Through the station letter

To warn the hobbyist, you can click directly from the name of the hobbyist store, and then click "Ask a Question to send an internal letter to the hobbyist, send a warning email to the other party, and ask the other party to stop the hobbyist sale. If the other party is a Chinese seller, you can Warning in Chinese. If it is a foreign seller, file a complaint in English or local language. Be careful to use the buyer's account of another account not related to the store account to warn.

To whom it may concern,

This is the first and last warning: please immediately delete the ASIN [product ASIN] from your Amazon sales account. If you do not comply, your account will be suspended. Last month, we have managed to permanently close other sellers like you because they do exactly what you are doing. Do you want to lose your entire Amazon sales account and business for one product? I'm sure it is not. It is correct to delete the ASIN [product ASIN], otherwise, you will face legal proceedings and permanent loss of your Amazon account!

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02 Brand filing

File a complaint with Amazon for the TM or R mark directly. After filing, you can eliminate the vast majority of hijacking. You can directly use the identity of the trademark owner to complain about the infringement of the other party, and let the hijacking link be taken off the shelf directly. Note: If it is the R mark filing, you can directly complain about the other party's trademark infringement, but if it is the TM mark filing, you can directly complain about the copyright infringement of the other party.

03 Participate in Amazon's Transparency Program

The Trensparency Program is a project launched by Amazon in 2018 to prevent buyers from receiving counterfeit and shoddy products. Sellers who join the Transparency Program must put a transparency program label on each product. After the buyer receives the goods You can scan this QR code through the transparent plan scanner to identify the authenticity of the product and ensure that you are buying genuine! For FBA sellers, if the goods are not affixed with transparent labels, the goods cannot be stored in the Amazon warehouse. Although the transparency plan is created to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products, it has the effect of preventing hijacking!

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04 Brand gating

Amazon's Anti-Hanging Artifact is a control policy of Amazon for brand hijacking. After successful application, Amazon will allow brand manufacturers and free-brand sellers to control Asin's dealer list, preventing third-party sellers from entering the list. Individual sellers can also apply for Brand Gating, and there is no requirement for sellers to apply for brand registration. This is optional, but it is more beneficial to apply for Brand Gating with brand registration. If the other party wants to sell Brand gating products, not only must they provide the manufacturer's invoice and written authorization, but also pay an additional $1,500 for each product, which can automatically prevent hijacking without manual operations. Different from brand filing and brand authorization, Brand Gating focuses on protecting big brands. If a seller sells illegally, they can file a complaint to protect their rights.

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