What to do if the exposure of Amazon's new products is low


When we launch a new product, in order to allow it to have more traffic, we will choose to open advertising, because advertising is also an effective way to quickly gain traffic. But sometimes the ad is turned on and I wait for the order with joy, but the result is unsatisfactory, and the ad is not exposed, let alone the order. The ad exposure is low, what should we do?

First of all, advertising exposure is low, we have to analyze the reasons, so as to prescribe the right medicine.

For low auto ad exposure, we first look at the relevance of the keyword. Check whether our listing title, copy, and selected keywords are accurate and relevant to our products. If the relevance is not high, it will inevitably lead to low advertising exposure. At this time, we need to optimize our copywriting, and the keywords should be carefully selected to ensure the accuracy of the words. In fact, before we start advertising, we must do a good job of optimizing the copywriting, so as to avoid frequent modification of the copywriting in the later stage, which will also affect our keyword ranking weight.

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After ensuring that the copy is optimized, we need to see if our bid is too low. If the bid is too low and the exposure is low, then we have to increase the ad bid, which must not be lower than the recommended bid. If it is a product with a low unit price and a small advertising budget, we can choose the middle bid in the recommended range; then for sellers with relatively sufficient advertising budget, our bid can also be higher than the recommended bid, which can increase exposure and order placement. probability.

If the bid has been raised, but the exposure is still unsatisfactory, then we can try a variety of bidding strategies, open more advertisements, and use different bidding strategies, such as up & down, fixed bid, and finally compare which effect is better. save. We can even use bid+. However, when using bid+, we must calculate the percentage. A single click is a bid* (1+n%), and don’t cause the last single click to be too high.

For manual advertising with low exposure, we are the same, first check whether the copywriting optimization is in place. After confirming that the optimization is good, we need to check whether the words selected by our manual advertisement are accurate and whether the words are accurate enough. If the word selection is not accurate enough to cause low exposure, then we must re-select more accurate keywords to advertise.

That determines the accuracy of the ad keywords, and then checks the bid just like the previous automatic ads.

For the problems that appear in the advertisement, we must rule them out one by one and prescribe the right medicine.

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