Amazon FBA launched a new product plan, and some services will provide free support for sellers!


Amazon is now offering free warehousing, clearing, and return processing for new ASINs that join FBA Fulfillment for a limited time.

Best of all, sellers can get 5% FBA ASIN sales rebate if they are brand registered. For brand sellers, they can try out brand new products without worrying about high storage fees due to sales issues.

This article will describe the benefits of the new FBA program, participation requirements, and how to register your products.

New Amazon Logistics Program Access Mechanism

1. Seller Qualification

• Sellers must have a professional seller account. Sellers cannot register with a personal account.

• The seller's IPI (Inventory Performance Index) must exceed 400.

• If you are a new Amazon FBA seller and have not yet generated an IPI score, you can automatically join the program.

• To continue receiving support from the program, sellers must maintain an IPI score. If the score falls below 400, the seller will be disqualified from participating.

• Products in that category are not eligible for the program until the first new ASIN product arrives at an Amazon fulfillment center.

2. ASIN qualification

• Standard-size and oversize items (including small, medium, and large shipments, but not special oversize items) are eligible for the program.

• The parent variant ASIN provided by the seller must be a new category within the FBA category. New sub-variant ASINs are not included in program eligibility.

• Media categories such as Books, DVDs, Music, Software and Computers, Video Games, Game Consoles and Gaming Accessories are excluded.

• Used merchandise is not included.

• Only ASINs in the Apparel and Footwear category are eligible for free return processing.

• The practice of bundling existing ASINs is also excluded from eligibility for the programme.

• Sellers' new ASIN products must arrive at Amazon fulfillment centers after the program start date (April 1, 2021).

FBA Fulfillment

What are the advantages of the new FBA program?

The new FBA program is designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for Amazon sellers to launch their products. For those sellers who are new to FBA, they can access Amazon's well-established logistics network and warehousing facilities. With Fulfillment by Amazon, sellers can outsource to provide a better customer experience and streamline their business processes—Amazon will take care of warehousing, sorting, packing, and shipping orders, as well as handling things like customer service and returns processing for sellers.

Although some services of Amazon FBA can be provided to sellers for free this time, after a period of warehousing, regular charges are still required.

Here are some of the program details, compiled from Amazon's Help page:

• Unlimited number of new FBA ASINs

After enrolling in the program, sellers can use the fee waiver benefit to create an unlimited number of ASINs. This means that if a seller plans to launch 100 new products per month, those products will all be eligible for the program.

1. Standard size ASINs are free of monthly storage fees and clearing fees

Monthly storage fees will be waived for 90 days after the fulfillment center receives the first 50 items of each ASIN. Sellers can ship the first 50 items within 180 days of the first inventory date in the fulfillment center without clearing fees.

Regular FBA fees apply for each item sent to the warehouse after 50 units.

2. Large-size ASINs are free of monthly storage fees and clearing fees

Monthly storage fees will be waived for the first 30 items in each new ASIN for 90 days after the first item is received by the fulfillment center. Sellers can ship the first 30 items within 180 days of the first inventory receipt date without clearing fees.

Regular FBA fees apply for each item sent to the warehouse after 30 items.

3. Additional advantages of footwear category

Monthly storage fees are waived for the first 100 units of each new standard-sized ASIN for 120 days after the first unit is received at the fulfillment center. Sellers can ship items within 180 days of the date the first inventory is received at the center without clearing fees. Amazon waives return processing fees for up to 20 items per standard-sized ASIN. Returned items must arrive at the center within 180 days of the first item arriving in stock. Returned merchandise must arrive at the center within 180 days of the date the warehouse first received the inventory.

One of the biggest benefits here is that sellers can sign up for as many FBA products as they want. Amazon has limited this program to just 500 new FBA products in the past. If sellers are launching new products every month, joining the program can be a cost-effective way to collaborate.

If sellers are unsure whether a product is eligible for the New Product Program, they can use the FBA New Product Finder to confirm.

Amazon shipping

How to join the new product program?

If you have a Professional Seller account, joining the program is as simple as going to the FBA New Products page and clicking Sign Up Now. If you are not already a professional seller account, you will need to upgrade your account.

That's it! These benefits will automatically apply if the seller's product meets the program requirements.

This is the page sellers will see after signing up:

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