Here's everything you need to know about organic search (Part 2)


Following the previous article on natural search, let's continue to explore how to get more clicks from natural search?

How to get more clicks from organic search

On the Google search results page, most organic search results look like this:

Consists of URL, title and meta description. We can try to improve the following three points to get more clicks.

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1. Create an eye-catching title tag

The title tag is an HTML element used to specify the title of a web page, mainly to tell users and search engines what the topic of this web page is. Title tags also appear in search page results, and their role is to entice users to click on a link to view the page. Google (and other search engines) also look at title tags to help understand web page content. This is why there is a slight correlation between the use of keywords in title tags and rankings.

The production of title tags has the following suggestions:

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2. Write a good meta description

A meta description is an HTML element that describes the content of a page, and it can be displayed in search results pages as a code snippet under a title tag to show more contextual content.

Meta descriptions can be written in 3 steps:

3. Create SEO-friendly URLs

Trying to optimize the above three points can bring more clicks and get organic search traffic.

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