Effective April 25th! Such items will not be accepted by FBA


On April 20, Amazon issued an announcement saying that Amazon's US station will update the policy for limited shipping of dangerous goods. The content of the announcement is as follows:

As of April 25, 2022, dangerous goods can no longer be shipped to U.S. destinations via FBA, even in limited quantities.

That said, starting April 25, 2022, sellers must use a third-party shipper to ship dangerous goods to destinations in the United States.


What are Dangerous Goods? Dangerous goods (also known as hazardous substances, abbreviated as Hazmat) are those that contain flammable, sealed, pressurized, corrosive or any other hazardous substances that, during storage, handling, or transportation, will cause harm to health, safety, property, or Substances or materials that present a risk to the environment.

Does this mean that only flammable and explosive toxic gases are dangerous goods?


In fact, the "dangerous goods" in Amazon's mouth is far more than that. Any goods that belong to or contain batteries, liquids, powders or paste-like items may be identified as "dangerous goods" by Amazon's backend machines.

Specific to the product, the products that may be judged as dangerous goods by Amazon are:


· Hats and vests with rechargeable batteries

· Hat reinforcement

· Garment stain remover


·Engine and tire maintenance

· Interior and paint maintenance

· Oils and liquids

·Lead-acid batteries

· Spill and spill-proof batteries



· Baby Grooming and Skin Care

· Antibacterial products

Beauty and Personal Care

· Spray deodorant

·Hair spray

·Hair color

· Hair dye


·Essential oil

· Self-tanning lotions and sprays

· Antiseptics and disinfectants

· Warts and Wart Treatment

· Insect repellent


· Cleaning cartridges (electric shavers)

· Hair Removal Solutions and Treatments

· Shaving cream or foam

·Nail polish


· Songbook

· Magazines with beauty product samples

·E-book devices, e-readers

Consumer electronics products

·mobile power

·cell phone

· Chargers and batteries

·Darkroom supplies


food and drinks

·Aromatic essential oils

· Products with high alcohol content

Foodstuffs in pressurized containers/aerosols (eg, whipped cream)


Health and Home

· Cleaners and cleaners

· Dishwashing liquid and powder

· Laundry liquid and washing powder

home improvement


· Pest and insect control


· Cartridges and Toner

·Equipment cleaner

Tapes, adhesives and glues

·Markers, highlighters, pens and refills

pet supplies

· Ear and eye care

· Flea, fly, mosquito, tick and tick control

· Antipruritic


· Aquarium glass cleaner

Aquarium water treatment and testing kits

shoes and bags

·Lighting shoes

· Sole and shoe stain remover

·shoe polish

Sports and Outdoors

·Air gun supplies

· Camp stove

·Hand warmer

· Electric bicycles and electric scooters

· Bicycle tools and equipment

· Spill and spill-proof batteries

·Life vest


· Battery powered toys

· Arts and Crafts

·Building Kit


· Painting and repair kits

· Kit with spray


video games


· Wireless and Bluetooth headsets


Dangerous goods have always been a minefield that sellers can’t avoid, and product safety is also the focus of Amazon’s review. Amazon’s review of products is very strict when they are put into storage.

At present, sellers must standardize their transportation qualifications and avoid illegal transportation, otherwise they will be removed from the listing or severely banned.

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